The Staffords
in Ashley
Family Tree
The Staffords in Ashley
Grand Sons of Francis Stafford

Francis (192)
   - William (192-B) - not yet identified this William
   - Thomas (96)
          - Thomas (96-H)
          - Francis (96-A)
          - John (96-B) - nothing further known
          - Wilson (48)
          - Joseph (96-C) - nothing further known
          - William (96-D) - nothing further known
   - Francis (192-F)
          - Thomas (192-FB)
          - Francis (192-FF) - only recently discovered record for his baptism
   - John (192-H)
          - Francis (192-HB) - nothing further known
          - John (192-HC) - nothing further known
          - Thomas (192-HD)
          - Zacharias (192-HE) - nothing further known
          - Joseph (192-HF) - nothing further known
   - Zachariah (192-I)  - no children identified

In their time

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Great (6) Great (12) Great (24) Grand (48) Sons (96) of Francis Stafford (192) - His parents (384)

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Son of Thomas (96) of Francis (192)

Thomas Stafford (96-H) and Elizabeth Edgley
Thomas:1750-?    Elizabeth:?-?

(I believe this to be the correct Thomas in this generation because of the ages at which they married. It is possible that this is wrong, or that a Thomas Stafford moved into the area from further afield.)

Thomas was baptized of 15 Jul 1750 at Medbourne to Thomas and Sarah Stafford he appears to have been the only child of this marriage. Sarah then died and his father married Judith.

Thomas married Elizabeth Edgley at Weston by Welland on 20th October 1767.

They had five children baptised at St. Mary's Church, Weston by Welland.
Children Baptized Place Notes Code
Hannah 21 Apr 1769 Weston by Welland 96-HA
Catharine 9 Dec 1771 Weston by Welland 96-HB
Dorothy 24 Apr 1774 Weston by Welland 96-HC
Ann 12 Jul 1778 Weston by Welland 96-HD
John 5 Aug 1781 Weston by Welland 96-HE

There are two entries in the Weston by Welland burial register in 1800.
Elizabeth Stafford buried 21 November
Thomas Stafford buried 29 November

After the entry for Elizabeth is S60
After the entry for Thomas is S63
I assumed that these have something to do with the ages. If these are this couple then this does not seem to refer to their age.

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Son of Thomas (96) of Francis (192)

Francis Stafford (96-A) and Rebekah Meadows
Francis:1752-1831    Rebekah:c1760-1801

Francis was baptized on 5th Jun 1752 at St. Giles' Medbourne to Thomas and Judith Stafford.

He married Rebekah Meadows by licence on 20th Sep 1781 at Medbourne.

They had four children baptized at Medbourne.
Children Baptized Place Notes Code
John 6 Jul 1782 Medbourne He was buried 13 Jul 1782 96-AA
Meadows 12 Sep 1784 Medbourne 96-AB
John 27 Dec 1786 Medbourne Died 30 Nov 1814 96-AC
Rebecca 21 Feb 1792 Medbourne Married Robert Pateman 2 Feb 1810 by Licence in Medbourne 96-AD

Francis died 3rd April 1801.

Gravestones in Medbourne churchyard:
[2] In memory of Rewbekah the wife of
 Francis Stafford
 who departed this life
 April the 3rd 1801
 in the XLIn year of her life

There is also an entry in the Burial Register - 6 Apr 1801.

[3] In memory of Francis Stafford
 who died
 February 15th 1831
 aged 78 years

There is also an entry in the burial register - 19 Feb 1831.

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Son of Thomas (96) of Francis (192)

Wilson Stafford (48) and Jane Cook (49)
Wilson:1759-1835    Jane:c1765-1825

Wilson was baptized at St. Giles' Medbourne on 19 February 1759 to Thomas and Judith Stafford.

Jane is probably the daughter of William and Hannah Cook and was baptized at Twyford on 7 Dec 1766.

Interior of St. Andrew's Twyford

Wilson married Jane Cook at Twyford on 16 Nov 1786.

They had five boys all baptized at Ashley.
Children Baptized Place Notes Code
William  13 May 1787 Ashley 48-A
Francis 5 Sep 1790 Ashley 24
John 4 Aug 1793 Ashley 48-B
Samuel 23 Dec 1798 Ashley Died 1877 in Ashley 48-C
Thomas 6 Jan 1805 Ashley 48-D

Ashley from the west

There is reference to 'Willson Stafforde' in the Poor Law index under 'Poor Rate' for 1807. Without having viewed the document I presume this means that he was assessed to pay the rates for poor law relief. He is listed as 'Owner & occupier of land'.

Wilson was bequeathed thirteen pounds in his Fathers's will, to be paid a year after his death. The will was executed, by Wilson's brother Francis, on 27 May 1797.

Wilson died 24 Jun 1835 in Ashley aged 77 and was buried in Ashely 27 Jun 1835.

Jane died 20th Jan 1825 in Ashley aged 60.

Their gravestone is in the Churchyard at Ashley.

In the memory of WILSON STAFFORD, who died June 24th 1835, aged 77 years. Also of JANE his wife, who died Jan. 20th 1825, aged LX years. "With joy may we our course pursue, And keep the crown of life in view, That crown which in one hour repays, The labour of ten thousand daye."


Wilson made his will 1 Jun 1835. He is described as a 'Wheelwright and Carpenter' of Ashley.
He left to William to sum of five shillings.
To Francis the sum of ten pounds.
To John the sum of ten pounds.
To Thomas the sum of ten pounds.
All this was to be paid 'out of my dwelling house'.
The will appears to say that he also left to Francis 'my weaving'.
His household furniture and money was to be divided between Francis, John, Samuel and Thomas. All the residue going to Samuel.

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Son of Francis (192-F) of Francis (192)

Thomas Stafford  (192-FB) and Alice Wade
Thomas:1755-1830    Alice:?-?

Thomas was baptized on 19th May 1755 in Ashley to Francis and Ann Stafford.

Thomas and Alice were married by banns on 11 Feb 1773 at Medbourne cum Holt.

They had one child baptized at Medbourne.

It is possible that this couple also had two children baptised at Foxton in 1785 and 1790 (about 5 miles east of Medbourne) but I cannot be certain about this. There was also a Thomas Stafford who married an Alice in Pickwell in 1785.
Children Baptized Place Notes Code
John 21 Dec 1773 Medbourne 192-FBA

Thomas was buried in Ashley 12 Sep 1830 aged 75.

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Son of John (192-H)  of Francis (192)

Thomas Stafford (192-HD) and Jane Ward
Thomas:1763-?    Jane:c1760-1850

Thomas was baptized at St. Mary's Ashley 16 May 1763 to John and Ann Stafford

Thomas married Jane Ward (of Ashley) 14 Jun 1780 in Ashley.

They appear to have had 6 children baptized at Ashley Parish Church and then 6 at Ashley and Wilbarston Independent Chapel (which register records them as living in Ashley Parish).
Children Born Baptized Place Notes Code
Elizabeth 12 Nov 1780 Ashley 192-HDA
Francis 15 Sep 1782 Ashley 192-HDB
John 19 Dec 1784 Ashley 192-HDC
Ann 27 Oct 1786 Ashley 192-HDD
Thomas 2 Nov 1788 Ashley 192-HDE
Jane 19 Aug 1790 Ashley I think she is in the 1841 Census with brother Edward 192-HDF
Mary 19 Sep 1792 4 Nov 1792 Ashley & Wilbarston Ind 192-HDG
William 15 Mar 1794 13 Apr 1794 Ashley & Wilbarston Ind 192-HDH
Hannah 6 Apr 1796 1 May 1796 Ashley & Wilbarston Ind 192-HDI
Susannah 28 Dec 1797 21 Jan 1798 Ashley & Wilbarston Ind In 1881 Census she is an unmarried Annuitant in Leicester 192-HDJ
Edward 28 Jan 1804 1 Apr 1804 Ashley & Wilbarston Ind 192-HDK
Samuel 11 Dec 1807 21 Feb 1808 Ashley & Wilbarston Ind Died 10 Dec 1827 aged 20 Ashley 192-HDL

Westhorpe, Ashley - behind which was the Ashley & Wilbarston Independent Chapel

Jane was buried 30 Jan 1850 in Ashley aged 90.

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