The Staffords
in Ashley
Family Tree
The Staffords in Ashley
(and environs)

In 1720 or 1721 Francis and Mary Stafford moved to Ashley in Northamptonshire.
There follows a record of their family in and around Ashley until the beginning of the 20th Century.

The Parents of Francis Stafford (Zachariah)
Francis and Mary Stafford (born 1693)
The Sons of Francis Stafford (including Thomas) (births 1720-1736)
The Grandsons of Francis Stafford (including Wilson) (births 1750-1763)
The Great Grandsons of Francis Stafford (including Francis) (births 1784-1804)
The Great Great Grandsons of Francis Stafford (including Thomas) (births 1819-46)
Subsequent Generations (1834 onwards)

All the people
Other Staffords and uncertainties

Places : History and Georgraphy
Census Information
Parish Registers
Memorial Inscriptions
Trades Directories
Indentures (including Apprenticeship)
Taxes and Tithes

The coding system
The relationship of the author to Francis Stafford.

St. Mary's Ashley

Relationship table
Name Relationship Ancestor
Zachariah Stafford g-g-g-g-g-g grandfather 384
Francis Stafford g-g-g-g-g grandfather 192
Thomas Stafford g-g-g-g grandfather 96
Wilson Stafford g-g-g grandfather 48
Francis Stafford great great grandfather 24
Thomas Stafford great grandfather 12
John Alfred Stafford grandfather 6
Joy Stafford mother 3
David Phillips author 1
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Coding System

For direct ancestors of myself, If the code for a person is N then their father is 2xN and their mother 2xN +1.
My great grandfather is code 12, so his parents are 24 and 25.

All others are coded by their relationship as a descendant to one of the main line.

Wilson Stafford is 48. His children are therefore 48-A, 48-B etc.
His grandchildren will be 48-AA, 48-AB etc and 48-BA, 48-BB
There are certain inconsistencies to the way the coding has been applied, but some errors were just too much trouble to resolve.

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The following pages contain the information I have been able to gather on the Staffords. There is always a small element of doubt in such information, where significant assumptions have been made I have attempted to hightlight them.

The information is arranged by generations but on the web pages, by using the hypertext links it is possible to follow a line through.

My particular interest is to my great grandfather, Thomas Stafford, who moved to Birmingham in the 1850s. However, for completeness I have included such information as I have of the Staffords remaining in the villages beyond then.

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These pages were composed by David Phillips November 1999

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