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Memorial Inscriptions : Ashley, St. Mary the Virgin

Details taken from the booklet Memorial inscriptions at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin Ashley by the Northamptonshire Family History Society.

In memory of JOHN STAFFORD who died Octbr. 23rd 1864, aged 31 years. Also two infant children, WILLIAM STAFFORD, aged 2 years. Also CHARLOTTE ANN, aged 2 years and 3 months. "ALL you who do this grave pass by. Think that you must like me die, Repent in time, make no delay, For in my prime I was call’d away."

Sacred to the memory of SAMUEL STAFFORD, who died February 22nd 1877, aged 78 years. Also MARTHA, wife of the above, who died December 13th 1864, aged 64 years. "Prepare to meet thy God."

In loving memory of ANN STAFFORD, who died June 14th 1905, aged 71 years. "Trust ye in the Lord for ever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength." Isaiah 26.4th Verse. "Rock of ages, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee." Also of ALICE, daughter of the above, who departed this life Sept. 14th 1912, aged 48 years. "Her end was her peace."

In the memory of WILSON STAFFORD, who died June 24th 1835, aged 77 years. Also of JANE his wife, who died Jan. 20th 1825, aged LX years. "With joy may we our course pursue, And keep the crown of life in view, That crown which in one hour repays

In memory of FRANCIS STAFFORD, who departed this life *** the 5th ****, aged *7 years.
(Having read this myself, I noted the date as Nov 20th 1750 or posibly 1730. He was eitehr 37, 57 or 87. From the burial register it is apparent the date was 1750 and he was the date is Nov 20th 1750. His age was 67.)

(In fact in the right light the inscription is partly visible, the name is definitely Mary Stafford. From the burial register she died 9 Sep 1758.)

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Memorial Inscriptions : Laughton, St. Luke

In loving memory of John Stafford who died March 30th 1878 Aged 70 years
Also his beloved wife Jane Stafford who died June 28th 1916 aged 71 years
Also their daughter mary Knight who died April 28th 1892 aged 29 years
and Sarah Sophie Neale who died Nov 16th 1903 aged 38 years
also William Stafford who died February 7th 1951 aged 89 yeras

These names include:
Ida Stafford died
Ida May Stafford died 1982
Edward Tyler Stafford died 1984
Hilda Mary Stafford died 1992
and others

Memorial Inscriptions : Medbourne, St. Giles

[1] John Stafford
 Son of Fras and Rebekah Stafford
 who departed this life
 November the 30th 1814
 Aged 28 years
(therefore born c 1786)

[2] In memory of Rewbekah the wife of
 Francis Stafford
 who departed this life
 April the 3rd 1801
 in the XLIn year of her life
(therefore born c 1760)

[3] In memory of Francis Stafford
 who died
 February 15th 1831
 aged 78 years
(therefore born c 1753)

[4] The stone is marked down the middle. The left side is blank. On right:
 wife of
 Meadows Stafford
 who died
 March 23rd 1853
 in the 61st year of her age
(therefore born c 1792)

Inside Medbourne Church:
Thomas Stafford Esquire
Assistant Commissary General
Prematurely cut off to the great regret of all who knew him
by a malignant fever
at Bathurst St Mary's on the River Gambia
he died August 27th 1857
aged 41 years


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Memorial Inscriptions : Weston by Welland, St. Mary

Lucy the wife of William Stafford
who died Jun 13th 1829
aged 28
Jane their daughter
died June 22nd 1829
aged 4
and also their son
who died in infancy

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