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All Census data is taken from the Census microfiches held at the Family Records Centre, London

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1841 Census

Census night was 6th Jun 1841. Only name, gender, age, occupation and whether born in the same county were recorded. Ages were usually rounded to the nearest 5 for those over 18.


Thomas Stafford     50  Shoemaker
George B… ?         20
George Thompson     20

Edward Stafford     35  Shoe m.  Y
Jane                50?          Y
Samuel              10           Y

Francis Stafford  M 50 Carpenter Y (b in same county)
Ann               F 40           Y
Samuel            M 20 do        Y
Jane              F 20           Y
Mary              F 15           Y
Ann               F 10           Y
Fanny             F 10           Y
Thomas            M 5            Y

Samuel Stafford     40 Carpenter Y
Martha              40           Y
Benjamin            14           Y
Ephraim?            12           Y
Mary                 9           Y
John                 7           Y
Ann                  5           Y
Martha               2           Y


No Staffords found


No Staffords found


William Stafford    46    Cordwainer    Y
Sarah    do         44                  Y
Mary     do         18                  Y
John     do         14                  Y
WIlliam  do          5                  Y

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1851 Census

Census night was 30th March 1851. From now on the Censuses record name, position in household, whether married, age, occupation and birth place.


Francis Stafford  Head Mar 60 Carpenter              b Ashley
Ann      do       Wife Mar 53                        b ? Leicestershire, Gt Easton
Samuel   do       Son  U   31 do                     b Ashley
Ann      do       Daur U   22 Lace runner?           b Weston
Frances  do       Daur U   20 do                     b Weston
Thomas Stafford   Son  U   16 Carpenter’s Assistant  b Weston
Rebecca  do       Daur     12 Lace runner            b Ashley

Edward Stafford   Head     47 Cordwainer             b Ashley
Mary              daur     18 Straw Bonnet Maker     b Ashley

Samuel Stafford   Head     52 Wheelwright v Inkeeper b Ashley
Martha            Wife     50                        b Ashley
Ann               Daur     15                            do
Martha                     13                            do
Wilson                      7                            do
Thomas                      5                            do

Thomas Stafford   Head     62 Shoemaker              b Ashley
Samuel Neal       lodger


Elizabeth Stafford Serv U  18 House Servant        b Sutton

Lucy Stafford      Serv U  21 Farmers Servant      b Sutton

Catherine Stafford Head Wd 52 Cordwainers Wife     b Weston
Mary Ann           Daur U  18                      b Sutton
Charles            Son  U  16 Ag Lab               b Sutton
John               Son  U  14 Ag Lab               b Sutton


William Stafford  Head     56 Grocer & Grangier      b Ashley
Sarah             Wife     55                        b Weston by Welland
John              son      24 Cordwainer                  do
William           son      15 Grocers Assistant           do

1851 Census Index for Leicestershire
Market Harborough Registration District
  Age folio
James    38 41
John     44 42
Mary     73 42
Mary     47 42
Mary     20 514
Pye      11 41
Rebecca  38 41
Thomas H  5 313
Tyler    48 42
William  16 41

41/42 = Laughton (Reel 13)
313 = Great Bowden (Reel 13)
514 = Tur Langton (Reel 14)

Great Easton & Oakham Sub Districts
Benjamin  26 199
Elizabeth 68 202

192-211 = Hallaton Reel 32

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1861 Census

Census night was 7th April 1861.

ASHLEY - 1861 CENSUS - RG9/2251

Samuel Stafford    Head  Mar  62  Publican                Ashley
Martha do          Wife  Mar  61                          Ashley
Martha do          Daur  U    22  ? Dressmaker            Ashley
Thomas do          Son   U    15  Scholar                 Ashley
John Snelling      Grandson    4  Visitor                 ?? London

John Stafford      Head  Mar  27  Baker                   Ashley
Ann  do            Wife  Mar  27                          Ashley
Amelia do   ?      Daur        4                          Ashley

Francis Stafford   Head  Wid  70  Carpenter, Master       Ashley
Ann     do         Daur  U    28  ? Dressmaker            Ashley

Benjamin Stafford  Head  Mar  34  Carpenter, Master       Ashley
Elizabeth do       Wife  Mar  39?                         Corby Northamptonshire
Elizabeth do       Daur  U     9? Scholar                 ? Could not read
Emily     do       Daur  U     5  Scholar                 Ashley
George J  do       Son         2                          Ashley

Thomas Stafford    Head  Wid  72  Shoemaker, Mastr        Ashley

Samuel Stafford    Head  Mar  29  Tailor ? Dealer         Ashley
Hannah do          Wife  Wife 29                          ? Berkshire ?
Mary E do          Daur        7  Scholar                 Ashley
Agnes J do         Daur        6m                         Ashley
Edward Stafford    Fathr Wid  57  Cordwainer, Mastr       Ashley


No Staffords found


Charles Stafford   Head  Mar  27  Ag Lab                  Sutton Bassett
Hephzibah do  ???  Wife  Mar  23  Laundress               Sutton Bassett
George Pitts      ?Son-in-law  5  Scholar                 Sutton Bassett
Spencer Stafford   Son         2                          Sutton Bassett

Catherine Stafford Head  Wid  62  Baker                   Weston by Welland


William Stafford   Head  Mar  66  Grocer and Grazier
                                    owner of 10 acres     Ashley
Sarah   do         Wife  Mar  64  Graziers wife           Weston by Welland
William do         Son   U    25  Grocers Assistant       Weston by Welland

John Stafford      Head  Mar  35  Coal Porter             Weston by Welland
Lucy do            Wife  Mar  31  Coal Porters Wife       Sutton Bassett
Lucy J  do         Daur        7  Scholar                 Sutton Bassett
Francis do         Son         4  Scholar                 Weston by Welland
Mary A  do         Daur        2                          Weston by Welland
Thomas  do         Son         1m                         Weston by Welland

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1871 Census

Census night was 2nd April 1871

Not yet researched.

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1881 Census

Census night was 3rd April. There exists an index for the whole country.

From the Census Index for NTH

Ann Stafford         Head Wid  47  Bread and Flour+         b Ashley

Benjamin Stafford    Head Wid  54  Carpenter                b Ashley

John Henry Stafford  Head Mar  26  Coal Agent               b Weston by Welland
Mary Anne            Wife Mar  28                           b Moreton on Marsh GLS
Arthur James         Son  Un    3                           b Weston by Welland
Annie Louise         Daur Un    1                           b Weston by Welland

Samuel Stafford      Head Mar  49  Comercial Tra+           b Ashley
Hannah               Wife Mar  49                           b Greetland YKS
Edward Stafford      Fath Wid  77  Annuitant                b Ashley
Elizabeth            Daur Un   27  Commercial Tr+           b Ashley
Thos.                Son  Un   20  Chandler (Gen+           b Weston by Welland
Susan                Daur Un   18  Commercial Tr+           b Ashley
Frances              Daur Un   16  Dressmaker               b Ashley
Edward               Son       12  Scholar                  b Ashley
Elinor               Daur      10  Scholar                  b Ashley
Jeanette             Daur       8  Scholar                  b Ashley

Thomas Stafford      Head Mar  35  Baker                    b Ashley
Jemima               Wife Mar  39                           b Corby
Francis              Son       10  Scholar                  b Ashley

William Dixon        Head
Martha A Stafford    Niec      17  Assistant Hou+           b Ashley LEC (???)

Matthew Oldacre      Head
Elizabeth Stafford   Serv Un   16  Housemaid                b Foxton

William Freeston     Head
John Stafford        Bord Un   16  Carpenter App+           b Ashley

John Stafford        Head Mar  55  Carpenter                b Weston
Priscilla            Wife Mar  54                           b --- LEC

Wilbarston In +
John Stafford        Head Mar  54  Grocer & Chan+           b Weston by Welland
Lucy                 Wife Mar  51                           b Sutton Bassett
Francis              Son  Un   24  Grocer &                 b Weston by Welland
Emma                 Daur Un   14                           b Weston by Welland
Chas.                Son  Un   10  Scholar                  b Weston by Welland

1881 Census Index for Leicestershire

William           Head Mar  46  Shoemaker                b Laughton
Ann               Wife Mar  46                           b Laughton
Sarah A           Daur       8  Scholar                  b Foxton
William           Son        6  Scholar                  b Foxton

Great Bowden
William           Head Mar  45  Staycutter               b Weston by Welland (NTH)

Great Easton
Thomas Marchant   Head
Thomas            Serv Mar  27  Shepherd                 b Empingham (RUT)

Tyler             Head Mar  78  Parish Clerk +           b Laughton

Jane              Head Wid  42  Butcher                  b Shearsby
William           Son  Un   19  Ag Lab                   b Shearsby
John              Son       13  Ag Lab                   b Laughton
Samuel            Son       12  Scholar                  b Laughton
Sophia            Daur       9  Scholar                  b Laughton
George            Son        5  Scholar                  b Laughton

Leicester St M+
Susannah          Head Un   83  Annuitant                b Ashley

William L P Reeks Head
Rebecca M.        Serv Un   18  Sert                     b Foxton

Charles           Head Mar  46  Shepherd                 b Sutton (NTH)
Ann               Wife Mar  39                           b Wilbarston (NTH)
Ada A             Daur Un   11  Scholar                  b Sutton (NTH)
Samuel            Son        9  Scholar                  b Sutton (NTH)
Mary A.           Daur       7  Scholar                  b Medbourne
Florence J        Daur       4  Scholar                  b Medbourne
Lizzie B          Daur       2                           b Weston (NTH)

Peatling Parva
William           Head Mar  60  Farmer of 88 +           b Gilmorton
Ann               Wife Mar  60                           b Walton
Emma              Daur Un   18  Farmers Daur             b Gilmorton
Alfred            Son       16  Farmers Son              b Gilmorton

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1891 Census

Not yet researched.

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