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Father: John HARBACHMother: Ann (Harbach) HOUGHTON
Born:1808Dodderhill, Worcestershire

Baptised:16 Oct 1808Dodderhill, St AugustineEntry originally said Samuel but corrected on the next page to Henry.
From register
Married:5 Nov 1833Dodderhill, WorcesterOf this parishAfter Banns.
From register
Died:1874-Q1Droitwich Districtonly likely entry 1871-81. Age 66. Droitwich 6c 245

Buried:6 Mar 1874Dodderhill, St AugustineWychboldAge 66. No memorial inscription in Dodderhill.
From register
Spouse: Elizabeth (Harbach) WEAVER
Harry HARBACHcirca1837
Sarah (Boucher) HARBACH18401880
Elizabeth HARBACHcirca1841
Samuel HARBACHcirca1844
George Weaver HARBACHcirca1846
Emma HARBACHcirca1849
Charles HARBACHcirca1850
Francis HARBACHcirca1853
Frederick HARBACHcirca1856
Emma Agnes HARBACHcirca1860
1841Henry HarbachWichbold P B, Worcestershire30Blacksmith
1851Henry HarbachDodderhill, WorcestershireHouse42Blacksmith
1861Henry HarbachDodderhill, Worcestershire????Blacksmith
1871Henry HarbachWychbold, WorcestershireWychbold 11361Blacksmith
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Addresses and Occupations

1840	Blacksmith		 Wychbold in Dodderhill parish when Sarah born
1862	Blacksmith		 when Sarah married
Identity of Henry Harbach

When Sarah (31) was married her father is Henry.
They are together with her mother, Elizabeth in 1851.
There is only one likely birth giving her parents as Henry and Elizabeth (formerly Weaver).
There is only one marriage for them but this does not give their parents.
Henry is consistently said to be born in Dodderhill and there is only one suitable baptism to John and Ann Harbach.
Therefore the identity of Henry seems fairly certain.
Possible baptism for Henry - and names of parents

All Henry Harbach etc 1805 to 1815 in Worcestershire
Henry Horbidge	26 May 1806	BROMSGROVE,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	Willm. Horbidge, Ann				
Henry Harbidge	26 Jun 1808	Bromsgrove, Worcester, England	John Harbidge, Nancy				
Samuel Or Henry Harbach	16 Oct 1808	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann				
Henry Harback	27 Dec 1809	BROMSGROVE,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	Henry Harback, Elizth.	birth:	24 Jun 1809	death:	20 May 1810

The entry that originally said Samuel is corrected in the register itself with an end of year note, the name was in fact Henry.
This baptism in Dodderhill is therefoer by far the most likely.

Other children of John and Ann			
Sarah Harbage	10 May 1791	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbage, Ann
Ann Harbach	23 Mar 1793	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Elizabeth Harbach	09 Feb 1795	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Mary Harbach	04 Jan 1797	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Hannah Harbach	04 Apr 1799	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Susanna Harbach	01 Mar 1801	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Jane Harbach	25 Feb 1803	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Charlotte Harbach	31 Mar 1806	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Samuel Or Henry Harbach	16 Oct 1808	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
John Harbach	08 Oct 1810	DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	John Harbach, Ann
Mary Harback	31 Jan 1802	Bromsgrove, Worcester, England	John Harback, Ann
There are no other children of John and Ann Harbach in worcestershire			
Homes and Occupations
1833Dodderhill, WorcestershireMarriage register
1836Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Harry
1838Parish of DodderhillBaptism of Thomas
1840Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Sarah
1841Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmith1841 Census
1843Wychbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Elizabeth
1844Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Samuel
1846Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of George
1848Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Emma
1851Dodderhill, WorcestershireBlacksmith1851 Census
1851Wychbold, WorcestershireBurial of Emma
1851Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Charles
1858Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Frederick and Francis
1860Wychbold, WorcestershireBlacksmithBaptism of Emma Agnes
1861Dodderhill, WorcestershireBlacksmith1861 Census
1871Wychbold, WorcestershireBlacksmith1871 Census
1874Wychbold, WorcesterBurial register