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Elizabeth (Harbach) WEAVER
Father: George WEAVERMother: Mary (Weaver) TAYLER
Born:c1813Hanbury, WorcestershireAge is inconsistent in the censuses.
From register
Baptised:3 Jan 1813Hanbury, St MaryHanbury parishFather George a Butcher. Assumed to be the correct Elizabeth due to lack of suitable alternatives.
From register
Married:5 Nov 1833Dodderhill, WorcesterOf this parishAfter Banns.
From register
Died:1891-Q1Droitwich Districtonly likely entry 1881-1891. Age 78. Droitwich 6c 251

Buried:24 Jan 1891Dodderhill, St AugustineBurrish Street, St NicholasAge 78. No memorial inscription in Dodderhill.
From register
Spouse: Henry HARBACH
Harry HARBACHcirca1837
Sarah (Boucher) HARBACH18401880
Elizabeth HARBACHcirca1841
Samuel HARBACHcirca1844
George Weaver HARBACHcirca1846
Emma HARBACHcirca1849
Charles HARBACHcirca1850
Francis HARBACHcirca1853
Frederick HARBACHcirca1856
Emma Agnes HARBACHcirca1860
1841Elizabeth HarbachWichbold P B, Worcestershire25
1851Elizabeth HarbachDodderhill, WorcestershireHouse38
1861Elizabeth HarbachDodderhill, Worcestershire??46
1871Elizabeth HarbachWychbold, WorcestershireWychbold 11357
1881Elizabeth HarbachDodderhill, WorcestershireHouse68House Keeper
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St Mary, Hanbury
St Mary, Hanbury
St Mary, Hanbury
St Mary, Hanbury
View from Hanbury church
View from Hanbury church
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Identity of Elizabeth Weaver

When Sarah (31) was married her father is Henry.
They are together with her mother, Elizabeth in 1851.
There is only one likely birth giving her parents as Henry and Elizabeth (formerly Weaver).
There is only one marriage for them but this does not give their parents.
Elizabeth is consistently said to be born in Hanbury.
There is a possible baptism to George and Mary Weaver but it is not certain. Further evidence is probably needed.
The identity of Elizabeth is fairly certain but her birth and parents are less certain.
Possible baptism for Elizabeth

The fact that Henry's wife was Elizabeth Weaver seems fairly certain:
- The 1851 Census, when they are married, shows she was from Hanbury and born about 1813.
- There is a marriage of Henry to Elizabeth Weaver about the right time.  They had a child baptised as George Weaver Harbach.
- There is a baptism of an Elizabeth Weaver in Hanbury in 1813.

In this case Elizabeth was baptised as Betsy 3 Jan 1813 and her parents were George and Mary Weaver.
Her siblings would be
Wm Weaver baptised in Hanbury 11 May 1800
Thomas Weaver batised in Habury 6 Sep 1802
Charlotte Weaver baptised in Hanbury 13 Jan 1805
Mary Weaver baptised in Hanbury 26 Apr 1807
Sarah Weaver baptised in Hanbury 3 Apr 1809
Jane Weaver baptised in Hanbury 28 Oct 1810