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St Nicholas Church, Droitwich
Individuals associated with this location:
William HARRIS
Events at this location
James HARRISBIR4 Jul 1827IND0028
James HARRISBAP12 Aug 1827IND0028got reg
William Henry HARRISBAP14 Jul 1851IND0028-C01got reg
Alfred HARRISBAP13 Aug 1854IND0028-C02got reg
Sarah HARRISBAP29 Nov 1857IND0028-C03got reg
James HARRISBAP25 Mar 1860IND0028-C04got reg
James HARRISMAR30 Aug 1883IND0028-C04got cert
Maria (Harris) HAYWOODMAR30 Aug 1883IND0028-C04-Sgot cert
Ada Maria HARRISBAP26 Jun 1870IND0028-C07got reg
Elizabeth HARRISBAP27 Jul 1823IND0056-C02got reg
William HARRISBAP21 Nov 1830IND0056-C04got reg
Mary HARRISBAP10 Jun 1834IND0056-C05got reg
George Wakeman HARRISBAP7 Aug 1817IND0058-C01got reg
Elizabeth (Harbach) WEAVERBUR24 Jan 1891IND0063got reg
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