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Elizabeth PHILLIPS
not known or not enterednot known or not entered
Baptised:27 Dec 1798WillenhallNot known if this is the correct person. If it was her parents were James and Ann.

John PHILLIPScirca18201890
Research Notes on Elizabeth Phillips

CHR	There is only likely baptism entry in the IGI for Willenhall
	27 Dec 1798 Willenhall to James and Ann Phillips
DTH	Have checked Willenhall burials from 1820 to 1841

If her baptism was as above then she appears to have had at least three brothers (Thomas, Henry and John) and one sister (Maria) baptised in Willenhall.

C1851	Not in Willenhall or Warwickshire

There was an Elizabeth Phillips who died in Birmingham in 1826 aged 27 and was buried at St. Martin's.  Her residence was the workhouse.  Burial – 28 Dec 1826. (Register entry downloaded.)

One unresolved question is how 16 John Phillips came by his hairdressing business which was evidently in operation when he was 20 in 1840.
Elizabeth Phillips in 1841 Census

Her son was born in 1820 and it appears she was born in 1798.
Therefore she would be about 43 in 1841. Her age would be rounded to 40 or 45.
All entries for Warwickshire and Staffordshire have been obtained.
Phillips and Willenhall

Lists of Phillips in Censuses.
Elizabeth Phillilps, 1841 Census, Warwickshire
1841 Cesus, Phillips in Willenhall
1851 Census, Phillips born Willenhall
1851 Census, another Elizabeth and John Phillips from Willenhall.
Speculation regarding ancestors of Elizabeth Phillips

I have assumed below that Elizabeth Phillips, the mother of John (16) was born in Willenhall.
This is a major assumption which it will be difficult  to verify although it may be possible to disprove.

John was born about 1820 and was illegitimate. It it likely that Elizabeth was relatively young when he was born.

There are two possible baptisms for Elizabeth that are suitable.
- to James and Ann, 27 Dec 1798 - she would be 21/22 when John born
- to John and Phoebe - 31 Oct 1779 - she would be 30/31 when John born.
The former is more likely and the following is based on this further assumption.

66 James Phillips and 67 Ann
If Elizabeth was baptized in 1798:  Her parents were James and Ann.
There is nothing obvious in the IGI for the marriage of this couple in Staffordshire.
They had four other children baptized at St. Giles - John (1791), Thomas (1793), Henry (1801) and Maria (1805).
Presumably Elizabeth named her son after her older brother.

There is a James Phillips in the 1818 Trades Directory.  There aren't really any other candidates from the registers to be this person.  He is listed as a 'Key Smith' of Mapleford Lane.

It also seems likely that this James was buried at St. Giles in 1830 and is recorded as aged 62.  If this is correct then he was born in 1768 which would mean he was about 23 when his first child was born, which is consistent.

132 John Phillips and Phoebe (also Phebe)
If James was born in about 1768:
His parents were John and Phoebe - another possible source of the name for Elizabeth's son.
They appear to have had 11 children baptized between 1768 (James) and 1785 (Mary).
Their second son, Thomas (1769) is probably in the 1841 Census aged '70' (rounded).
'Phebe' probably died in 1786 as a widow.
In which case John died in 1785.
Not only are there entries in the burial register there appear to be memorials inscriptions to them both at St. Giles and also to 'an infant son'.
John died 4 Sep 1785 aged 40 the husband of Phoebe.
Phoebe died 4 Aug 1786 aged 39 (or 37) wife of John.

Therefore John was born in 1745.

264 Edward Phillips
If John was born in 1745:
There is a baptism to Edward Phillips (no mothers name in the lists I have).
Edward had 7 children baptised at St. Giles between 1726 (John - died 1734 aged 11) and 1745 (also John).
There is a marriage of Edward Phillips and Sarah Coates, 20 Feb 1726.
Probably this Edward died 31 Mar 1776 and the register may give his age.

528 Henry Phillips and 529 Mary
If Edward was born about 1700:
There is one baptism recorded in this era to Henry and Mary Phillips.
They had five children baptised between 1701 and 1708.   There are a further four baptism entries with only the father given from 1711 to 1720.  Of these 9 the last 7 are in the Wolverhampton registers not St. Giles.

There are two burials for a Henry Phillips:
	14 May 1742 and 14 Mar 1748.
The burial registers may give their ages.
Henry and Mary had a son Henry.

There was a Henry Phillips who married Ann Wilks 24 Jun 1700 “both of Willenhall”.

There are no records I have which give any clues as to who Henry's parents may have been.

None of the people listed above occur in the 1770 Trades Directory.

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