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Father: James WALTERSMother: Lydia (Walters)

Baptised:29 Sep 1800Birmingham, St MartinOnly likely baptism found.
From register
Married:29 Jul 1821St Peter and St Paul, Astonthis parishPossible marriage. Both made their mark.
From register
Married:19 May 1842Edgbaston Parish ChurchMosley StreetGiven as full age, widower, a brassfounder.
From register

Spouse: Jane (Walters) JARVIS
Spouse: Mary (Lent/Waters) CHAMBERS
Jane (Phillips) WALTERS1820res1877
Mary Ann WALTERS18221823
James WALTERS1825
Eliza WALTERScirca1826
Mary Ann WALTERS1827
Emma WALTERS18291834
George WALTERS1830
Thomas John WALTERS1835
Ellen WALTERS1838
1841Thomas WaltersBirmingham, WarwickshireMoseley Street40Brass Caster
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Identity of Thomas Walters

Jane Walters (17) marriage gives her father as Thomas a Caster and her address Bradford Street.
Only one baptism for Jane to Thomas has been found, giving her mother as Jane.

In 1841 Thomas a Brass Caster was living on Moseley Street which is close to Bradford Street.
Thomas was living with three children and baptisms for all these to he and Jane have been found.

Therefore it seems reasonably certain that the parents of Jane (17) were Thomas (34) and Jane (35) Walters.
It has been assumed that he was baptised to James and Lydia Walters in 1797.  This is different to what had previously been assumed in the light of subsequent evidence.
Remarriage of Thomas Walters

Two children with the same names and ages as Thomas' children are shown in the 1851 census living with Mary Walters.  They are said to be son and daughter. This raised the possibility that Thomas had remarried after Jane's death in 1841.

Possible marriages for Thomas Walters to Mary were looked for.
One was to Mary Ann Ashmore in 1850 at St Martin, Birmingham. However, his age is given as 40 which is 10 years out and neither the occupation nor address really fit.

However, there is a marriage between Thomas Walters on Mary Lent in 1842. Both were widowed, Thomas appears to be a Brassfounder and his address was still Mosley Street. In addition Thomas Coates was a witness at both his marriages. Therefore, with a reasonable degree of confidence, this seems to be his second marriage.
His father is given as James Walters, which is different to what had previously been thought.
Her father is given as John Chambers, implying that Lent was the surname of her first husband.
Baptism of Thomas Walters

According to the 1841 Census Thomas was 40 years old and had been born in Warwickshire. Given that ages were often rounded in this Census this would imply he was born between 1795 and 1805.
According to his second marriage register entry his father's name was James Walters.

Searching Ancestry and other sites has yielded only one baptism that fita this criteria:
5 Jan 1797 at St Martin's to James and Lydia Walters.
Death of Thomas Walters

Thomas must have died between May 1842 and April 1851.

Possible deaths from BMD index (ages were not recorded at this era in the index)
1847-Q4 - Birmingham 16 253
1850-Q3 - Birmingham 16 178
1850-Q4 - Birmingham 16 289

No matching burial found for the 1847 death.

There is a burial for Thomas Walters, age 15, at St Mary Birmingham on 22 Aug 1850.
This is more likely to be the 1850-Q3 death.

The Key Hill Cemetery burial in 1850 could fit either of these.
JQRT Index entry  - KH 1850 WALTERS Thomas   7948 D60

On the basis of the available evidence it is not clear which one of these is the right Thomas. If he was baptised in January 1797 then his age at death would be about 50 (if he died in 1847) or about 53 (if he died in 1850).  The death certificate or JQRT Burial entry should therefore help.
1838 Burgess Roll for Birmingham
Homes and Occupations
1822Bradford Street, BirminghamCasterBaptism of Jane and Mary Ann (first)
1826Rea Street, BirminghamCasterBaptism of James
1827Bradford Street, BirminghamBrass CasterBaptism of Mary Ann (second)
1829Birchall Street, Birmingham (Spelt Birchall Street)Brass FounderBaptism of Emma
1831Birchall Street, Birmingham (Spelt Birchall Street)CasterBaptism of George
1836Ashted Row, BirminghamBrick-layerBaptism of Thomas
1838Moseley Street, BirminghamCasterBaptism of Ellen
1840Probably Bradford Street, BirminghamCasterJane's marriage certificate
1841Moseley Street, BirminghamBrass Caster1841 Census