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Spouse: Mary (Hethridge/Atkins)
Maria (Boucher) ATKINScirca18211893
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Identity of James Atkins

When Maria Atkins (61) married her father is given as James Atkins a labourer.
This was before the 1841 census.
It has not been possible to identify for certain the birth of Maria.
The 1851 Census gives Mary Hethridge as the mother-in-law of Samuel Boucher, and thus the mother of Maria.
There is a Maria Atkins baptised in Salwarpe in 1822 to James adn Jane Atkins. This fits with the 1851 Census.
But the other censuses give her birthplace as Upton Warren.
The Upton Warren registers need to be checked.
At the moment the identity of James and his wife is uncertain.
Marriages for James Atkins and Mary

James Atkins	26 Jan 1818	Claines,Worcester	Mary Stanbury (copy of register obtained)
James Watkins	03 Aug 1817	Parish Of St. Michael Bedwardine, Worcester, England 	Mary Wood
James Watkins	28 Mar 1811	Saint Clement,Worcester,Worcester,England	Mary Bennett
There are others in Warwickshire.
Death of James

There is a burial for a James Atkins in Worcester, 18 Jan 1821 (from Family Search), but not sure which church.
Homes and Occupations
1840LabourerMaria's marriage certificate