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List of all individuals in the family tree database
ABRAMS, Violet {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C09-S
ANSELL, Edith Mary IND0010-C02-C02-S
ATKINS, Jamescirca1785 IND0122
ATKINS, Maria {Married name- Boucher}circa18211893 IND0061
BARNES, Ethel IND0030-C04-C02-S1
BISHOP, Albert Laurence (Laurie) IND0010-C01-C01-S
BISHOP, Gillian Mary {Married name- Wilder}1948 IND0010-C01-C01-C01
BOSWORTH, Elizabeth {Married name- Stafford} IND0384-S2
BOUCHER, Amy Elizabeth {Maiden name- BUTLER} IND0030-C01-S
BOUCHER, Anncirca1790 IND0240-C06
BOUCHER, Ann {Married name- Nash}circa1848 IND0060-C04
BOUCHER, Daniel18411922 IND0030
BOUCHER, Daniel17871837 IND0120
BOUCHER, Daniel (known as Henry) IND0030-C02-C01
BOUCHER, Elizabeth Mary {Married name- Harris}18681926 IND0015
BOUCHER, Ellen Frances (Nell) {Married name- Warner}circa18741949 IND0030-C05
BOUCHER, Emma Roseline (Rosa) {Married name- Clarke}circa18721952 IND0030-C04
BOUCHER, Fannycirca1872 IND0060-C06-C01
BOUCHER, Georgecirca1795 IND0240-C08
BOUCHER, Georgecirca1874 IND0060-C06-C02
BOUCHER, George Acirca1860 IND0060-C09
BOUCHER, Glenys IND0030-C02-C01-C01
BOUCHER, Harriet {Married name- Carradine}circa1845 IND0060-C03
BOUCHER, Jamescirca1851 IND0060-C06
BOUCHER, Johncirca1788 IND0240-C05
BOUCHER, Johncirca1819 IND0120-C02
BOUCHER, Maria {Maiden name- ATKINS}circa18211893 IND0061
BOUCHER, Marthacirca1849 IND0060-C05
BOUCHER, Marycirca17811783 IND0240-C01
BOUCHER, Marycirca1863 IND0060-C10
BOUCHER, Marycirca17941794 IND0240-C07
BOUCHER, Mary {Maiden name- FARMER} IND0060-C06-S
BOUCHER, Mary {Maiden name- JONES}est1790 IND0121
BOUCHER, Rose {Married name- Peterson} IND0030-C02-C02
BOUCHER, Samuelcirca1853 IND0060-C07
BOUCHER, Samuelcirca1815res1889 IND0060
BOUCHER, Samuel Henrycirca1864 IND0030-C01
BOUCHER, Sarah {Maiden name- HARBACH}18401880 IND0031
BOUCHER, Susancirca1880 IND0060-C10-C01
BOUCHER, Susancirca1867 IND0060-C11
BOUCHER, Susannahcirca1782 IND0240-C02
BOUCHER, Susannah {Maiden name- PORTMAN}circa17561841 IND0241
BOUCHER, Sylvia IND0030-C02-C01-C02
BOUCHER, Thomascirca1857 IND0060-C08
BOUCHER, Violet {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0030-C02-C01-S
BOUCHER, Williamcirca1842 IND0060-C02
BOUCHER, Williamcirca1784 IND0240-C03
BOUCHER, William18231823 IND0120-C03
BOUCHER, Williamcirca17501827 IND0240
BOUCHER, William Alfredcirca1865 IND0060-C03-C01
BOUCHER, William Charlescirca1866 IND0030-C02
BOUCHER, not known {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0030-C02-S
BOURNE, Anncirca1839 IND0038-C08
BOURNE, Elizabethcirca1827 IND0038-C03
BOURNE, Emmacirca1829 IND0038-C10
BOURNE, Jane {Married name- Stokes}1841aft1911 IND0019
BOURNE, Johncirca17831841-1851 IND0038
BOURNE, Josephcirca1825 IND0038-C02
BOURNE, Louisacirca1827 IND0038-C04
BOURNE, Mariacirca1822 IND0038-C11
BOURNE, Marycirca1838 IND0038-C07
BOURNE, Mary {Maiden name- VAUGHAN}circa17831841-1851 IND0039
BOURNE, Phoebecirca1829 IND0038-C05
BOURNE, Richardcirca1835 IND0038-C06
BOURNE, Samuelcirca1823 IND0038-C01
BRANT, George IND0030-C04-C07-S
BROOKES, Elizabeth {Married name- Cox}circa18081861-1871 IND0021
BROOKES, Sarahcirca1808 IND0042-C02
BROOKES, Sarah? {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1783 IND0043
BROOKES, Thomasest1783 IND0042
BURHHAM, Beverley Mary IND0014-C09-C01-C03-C03
BURHHAM, Emily Jane IND0014-C09-C01-C03-C01
BURHHAM, Robert Thomas IND0014-C09-C01-C03-C02
BURHHAM, Thomas IND0014-C09-C01-C03-S
BURNHAM, Pamela {Maiden name- GIBBONS} IND0014-C09-C01-C03
BUTCHER, Anne {Maiden name- MANNS}est17121782 IND0481
BUTCHER, Danielest17121790 IND0480
BUTLER, Amy Elizabeth {Married name- Boucher} IND0030-C01-S
CADBY, Ann Lcirca1853 IND0022-C05
CADBY, Benjamin1810 IND0044-C02
CADBY, Charlescirca1844 IND0022-C02
CADBY, Isaac1812 IND0044-C03
CADBY, Jamesest17721829 IND0044
CADBY, Joseph18151874 IND0022
CADBY, Josiahcirca1840 IND0022-C01
CADBY, Mary Barbara {Maiden name- CURTIS}circa18161871 IND0023
CADBY, Mary {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1774 IND0045
CADBY, Mary {Married name- Griffiths}1807 IND0044-C01
CADBY, Rebecca18121813 IND0044-C04
CADBY, Tom Curtiscirca1846 IND0022-C03
CADBY, Una Ann {Married name- Cox}1850res1929 IND0011
CARRADINE, Frederick IND0060-C03-S
CARRADINE, Harriet {Maiden name- BOUCHER}circa1845 IND0060-C03
CHAMBERS, Amy17411741 IND0210-C03
CHAMBERS, Amy {Married name- Russell/Pitts}17421813 IND0105
CHAMBERS, Frances {Maiden name- DERWENT/DURRANT}est1717 IND0211
CHAMBERS, Mary17411741 IND0210-C02
CHAMBERS, Mary {Married name- Lent/Waters}circa1804 IND0034-S2
CHAMBERS, Richardcirca17151761 IND0210
CHAMBERS, Richard17391739 IND0210-C01
CHAMBERS, Richard17441769 IND0210-C05
CLARKE, Ellen (Nellie) IND0030-C04-C07
CLARKE, Elsie Beatrice {Married name- Stanley} IND0030-C04-C03
CLARKE, Emma Roseline (Rosa) {Maiden name- BOUCHER}circa18721952 IND0030-C04
CLARKE, Ernest IND0030-C04-S
CLARKE, Ethel {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0030-C04-C04-S
CLARKE, Goodwin IND0030-C04-C01
CLARKE, Harry IND0030-C04-C06
CLARKE, Horrace IND0030-C04-C04
CLARKE, Josephine IND0030-C04-C05-C02
CLARKE, Raymond IND0030-C04-C06-C01
CLARKE, Roy IND0030-C04-C05-C01
CLARKE, Wallace IND0030-C04-C02
CLARKE, William (Bill) IND0030-C04-C05
COLLINS, Lucy {Married name- Stafford} IND0012-C08-S
COOK, Jane {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1730 IND0099
COOK, Jane {Married name- Stafford}circa17651825 IND0049
COOK, Williamest1730 IND0098
COOMBS, Ruby {Married name- Phillips}19021986 IND0008-C04-S
CORBETT, Charles Butler IND0012-C09-S
CORBETT, Deborah {Maiden name- STAFFORD} IND0012-C09
CORBETT, Hannah Julia IND0012-C09-C02-C01-C01
CORBETT, James (Jim) IND0012-C09-C02
CORBETT, Kathleen Mary {Married name- Twiss} IND0012-C09-C03
CORBETT, Marjorie {Maiden name- MEAKIN} IND0012-C09-C02-S
CORBETT, Muriel {Married name- Stephens} IND0012-C09-C01
CORBETT, Peter IND0012-C09-C02-C01
CORBETT, Robert IND0012-C09-C02-C02-C01
CORBETT, Roger IND0012-C09-C02-C02
CORBETT, Rosaling IND0012-C09-C02-C01-C02
CORBETT, Sara {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0012-C09-C02-C01-S
CORBETT, Victoria IND0012-C09-C02-C02-C01
CORBETT, unknown {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0012-C09-C02-C02-S
COTTERELL, Eva Amelia May {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C08-S
COX, A child ofcirca1799 IND0040-C04
COX, Alfred1844res1909 IND0010
COX, Alfred1837poss1837 IND0020-C04
COX, Ann E1839 IND0020-C05
COX, Daisy Adacirca1879 IND0010-C03
COX, Dorothy {Married name- Phillips}18901980 IND0005
COX, Eliza18421842 IND0020-C06
COX, Elizabeth {Maiden name- BROOKES}circa18081861-1871 IND0021
COX, Florence Jane (Ginnie)circa1877 IND0010-C02
COX, Fredcirca18891917 IND0010-C04
COX, Gillian Mary {Married name- Gibbons} IND0014-C09-C01-C02-S
COX, Herbertcirca1870 IND0020-C03-C01
COX, Hugh Sheldoncirca1804 IND0040-C07
COX, James1832 IND0020-C02
COX, Johncirca1788 IND0040-C01
COX, John Samuel1830 IND0020-C01
COX, Joshcirca1792 IND0040-C02
COX, Joshuaest1767 IND0040
COX, Louisa IND0020-C08
COX, Mary Elizabeth (Polly)circa1873 IND0010-C01
COX, Mary {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1767 IND0041
COX, Samuelcirca17991861-1871 IND0020
COX, Sarah J IND0020-C09
COX, Selina {Maiden name- [Not known]}circa1842 IND0020-C03-S
COX, Sheldoncirca1794 IND0040-C03
COX, Una Anncirca18851889 IND0010-C05
COX, Una Ann {Maiden name- CADBY}1850res1929 IND0011
COX, Williamcirca1802 IND0040-C06
COX, William1834 IND0020-C03
CURTIS, Ann {Maiden name- STAPLEY}est 1760 IND0093
CURTIS, Carolinecirca1822 IND0046-C03
CURTIS, Cordelia1789 IND0092-C03
CURTIS, John1787?1871 IND0046
CURTIS, Josiahcirca1824 IND0046-C04
CURTIS, Mary Barbara {Married name- Cadby}circa18161871 IND0023
CURTIS, Michaelest 1760 IND0092
CURTIS, Sarah {Maiden name- OLIVER}circa17881866 IND0047
CURTIS, Selinac1784 IND0092-C01
CURTIS, Unna Ann18191893 IND0046-C02
DERWENT/DURRANT, Frances {Married name- Chambers}est1717 IND0211
DOYLE, Barbara {Married name- Stafford}19191991 IND0006-C02-S
ELTON, Sarah Vivien Mary {Married name- Phillips}1963vivo IND0001-S
EMERY, Annabel IND0012-C09-C01-C01-C03
EMERY, Margaret Joyce {Maiden name- STEPHENS} IND0012-C09-C01-C01
EMERY, Rosamund Deborah IND0012-C09-C01-C01-C02
EMERY, Stephen Noel IND0012-C09-C01-C01-C01
EMERY, Thomas William (Bill) IND0012-C09-C01-C01-S
EWER, Maureen {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C09-C02-S
FARMER, Mary {Married name- Boucher} IND0060-C06-S
FREESTONE, Alicecirca1780 IND0050-C01
FREESTONE, Anne {Married name- Stafford}circa17961852 IND0025
FREESTONE, Elizabeth {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1758 IND0051
FREESTONE, Hannahcirca1783 IND0050-C02
FREESTONE, Johnest1758 IND0050
FREESTONE, Marycirca1797 IND0050-C05
FREESTONE, Samuelcirca1799 IND0050-C06
FREESTONE, Susannahcirca1788 IND0050-C03
GATHERCOLE, Jamescirca17961929 IND0027-S1
GIBBONS, Audrey {Married name- Jezzard} IND0014-C09-C01-C01
GIBBONS, Christopher David IND0014-C09-C01-C04
GIBBONS, Gillian Mary {Maiden name- COX} IND0014-C09-C01-C02-S
GIBBONS, James Robert IND0014-C09-C01-C02
GIBBONS, Joyce Mary {Maiden name- HARRIS}1936 IND0014-C09-C01
GIBBONS, Kevin James IND0014-C09-C01-C02-C01
GIBBONS, Laura Mary IND0014-C09-C01-C02-C01
GIBBONS, Pamela {Married name- Burnham} IND0014-C09-C01-C03
GIBBONS, Robert Frank IND0014-C09-C01-S
GOMM, Andrea Kate IND0014-C01-C01-C01-C02
GOMM, Beverley Jane IND0014-C01-C01-C01-C01
GOMM, Janet Margaret {Maiden name- HARRIS} IND0014-C01-C01-C01
GOMM, Peter IND0014-C01-C01-C01-S
GRICE, Barbara {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C01-C02-S
GRIFFITHS, Mary {Maiden name- CADBY}1807 IND0044-C01
HAIGH-BAKER, Craig Mark IND0014-C01-C02-C01-C02
HAIGH-BAKER, Denise Barbara {Maiden name- HARRIS} IND0014-C01-C02-C01
HAIGH-BAKER, Ian Frederick IND0014-C01-C02-C01-S
HAIGH-BAKER, Tyson Lee IND0014-C01-C02-C01-C01
HAM, Kyung Yeon (Kate) {Married name- Phillips}1990vivo IND0001-C01-S
HAMER, Margaret Alision {Maiden name- STAFFORD}1953vivo IND0006-C02-C02
HAMER, Terryvivo IND0006-C02-C02-S2
HARBACH, Anncirca1793 IND0124-C02
HARBACH, Ann {Maiden name- HOUGHTON}circa17671838 IND0125
HARBACH, Charlescirca1850 IND0062-C08
HARBACH, Charlottecirca1806 IND0124-C08
HARBACH, Elizabethcirca1795 IND0124-C03
HARBACH, Elizabethcirca1841 IND0062-C04
HARBACH, Elizabeth {Maiden name- WEAVER}circa1813 IND0063
HARBACH, Emmacirca1849 IND0062-C07
HARBACH, Emma Agnescirca1860 IND0062-C11
HARBACH, Franciscirca1853 IND0062-C09
HARBACH, Frederickcirca1856 IND0062-C10
HARBACH, George Weavercirca1846 IND0062-C06
HARBACH, Hannahcirca1799 IND0124-C05
HARBACH, Harrycirca1837 IND0062-C01
HARBACH, Henry18081874 IND0062
HARBACH, Janecirca1803 IND0124-C07
HARBACH, Johncirca1810 IND0124-C10
HARBACH, Johncirca17631847 IND0124
HARBACH, Marycirca1797 IND0124-C04
HARBACH, Samuelcirca1844 IND0062-C05
HARBACH, Sarahcirca1791 IND0124-C01
HARBACH, Sarah {Married name- Boucher}18401880 IND0031
HARBACH, Susannacirca1801 IND0124-C06
HARBACH, Thomas IND0062-C02
HARBACH, Williamcirca1828 IND0124-C07-C01
HARBIDGE, Hannah {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1730 IND0249
HARBIDGE, Henryest1730 IND0248
HARRIS / BROOKES, Ellen (Nell) {Maiden name- POWELL} IND0014-C07-S
HARRIS, Ada Elizabeth {Maiden name- THOMAS}1988 IND0014-C05-S
HARRIS, Ada Mariacirca1870 IND0028-C07
HARRIS, Ada Mary Ann {Maiden name- MATTEY} IND0014-C01-S
HARRIS, Albert Edward1920 IND0014-C01-C02
HARRIS, Albert James (Jim)18921952 IND0014-C03
HARRIS, Alfredcirca1854 IND0028-C02
HARRIS, Alfred18931895 IND0014-C12
HARRIS, Alfred Edward 1907 IND0014-C09
HARRIS, Alice {Married name- Hughes}18861961 IND0028-C04-C02
HARRIS, Amy Florence18911891 IND0014-C11
HARRIS, Anncirca1821 IND0056-C01
HARRIS, Ann Elizabeth {Married name- Westwood}circa1862 IND0028-C05
HARRIS, Arthur Frederick (Fred)circa1899 IND0014-C05
HARRIS, Barbara {Maiden name- GRICE} IND0014-C01-C02-S
HARRIS, Ben IND0014-C09-C02-C02-C01
HARRIS, Christiana Elizabeth {Married name- Stafford}18901980 IND0007
HARRIS, Christianna1828res1921 IND0029
HARRIS, Christine {Maiden name- THAKSTONE} IND0014-C01-C03-C01-S
HARRIS, Clara18851956 IND0028-C04-C01
HARRIS, David John IND0014-C09-C02
HARRIS, Denise Barbara {Married name- Haigh-Baker} IND0014-C01-C02-C01
HARRIS, Edith Agnescirca1895 IND0014-C04
HARRIS, Elizabethcirca1823 IND0056-C02
HARRIS, Elizabeth Mary {Maiden name- BOUCHER}18681926 IND0015
HARRIS, Ellen (Nell) Beatrice {Maiden name- RATCLIFFE}circal 18901972 IND0014-C03-S
HARRIS, Emmacirca1850 IND0056-C02-C02
HARRIS, Ernest John19222003 IND0014-C01-C03
HARRIS, Eva Amelia May {Maiden name- COTTERELL} IND0014-C08-S
HARRIS, Gabrielle {Maiden name- SCANLON} IND0014-C09-C02-C02-S
HARRIS, George Thomas1914 IND0014-C01-C01
HARRIS, George Wakemancirca1817 IND0058-C01
HARRIS, Gertrued Minnie {Maiden name- MALINS} IND0014-C01-C01-S
HARRIS, Gilbert Charles1932 IND0014-C07-C01
HARRIS, Hannah {Maiden name- PLATT} IND0028-C04-C03-S
HARRIS, Henrycirca1826 IND0058-C05
HARRIS, James18271899 IND0028
HARRIS, James18601904 IND0028-C04
HARRIS, Janet Margaret {Married name- Gomm} IND0014-C01-C01-C01
HARRIS, Johncirca1819 IND0058-C02
HARRIS, John Ernest19001977 IND0014-C06
HARRIS, John Thomas18651949 IND0014
HARRIS, Joshuacirca1824 IND0058-C04
HARRIS, Joyce Mary {Married name- Gibbons}1936 IND0014-C09-C01
HARRIS, Joyce {Maiden name- WEATHERHOGG} IND0014-C01-C03-S
HARRIS, Margaret Ann {Married name- Hart} IND0014-C01-C02-C02
HARRIS, Maria {Maiden name- HAYWOOD}1860prob1933 IND0028-C04-S
HARRIS, Martin IND0014-C07-C01-C01
HARRIS, Marycirca1834 IND0056-C05
HARRIS, Marycirca1835 IND0058-C07
HARRIS, Marycirca1848 IND0056-C02-C01
HARRIS, Mary {Maiden name- HARRISON}circa17981841-1851 IND0057
HARRIS, Maureen {Maiden name- EWER} IND0014-C09-C02-S
HARRIS, Michael IND0014-C01-C03-C01
HARRIS, Muriel IND0014-C03-C01
HARRIS, Nellie Hannah {Married name- Willis}1895 IND0028-C04-C04
HARRIS, Patricia Millicent {Maiden name- SHAW} IND0014-C07-C01-S
HARRIS, Robert John IND0014-C09-C02-C02
HARRIS, Sarahcirca1857not in C1861 IND0028-C03
HARRIS, Sidney18981972 IND0028-C04-C05
HARRIS, Sophie {Maiden name- SNAITH} IND0014-C06-S
HARRIS, Steven Leslie IND0014-C09-C02-C01
HARRIS, Susan IND0014-C07-C01-C02
HARRIS, Thomasest1790 IND0058
HARRIS, Thomascirca1821 IND0058-C03
HARRIS, Thomas George Henry (Tom)1887 IND0014-C01
HARRIS, Thomas James Haywoodcirca18881953 IND0028-C04-C03
HARRIS, Thomas {Maiden name- RUDD} IND0028-C04-C01-S
HARRIS, Valerie Barbara {Married name- Tyrer} IND0014-C01-C01-C01
HARRIS, Violet {Maiden name- ABRAMS} IND0014-C09-S
HARRIS, Walter Samuel 19031938 IND0014-C07
HARRIS, Williamcirca1830 IND0056-C04
HARRIS, Williamcirca17871854 IND0056
HARRIS, William (Billy) IND0014-C10
HARRIS, William Charles1904 IND0014-C08
HARRIS, William Henrycirca1851 IND0028-C01
HARRIS/WAKEMAN, Maria {Maiden name- NOTIE}est1790 IND0059
HARRISON, Mary {Married name- Harris}circa17981841-1851 IND0057
HART, Emily Isobel IND0014-C01-C02-C02-C02
HART, Margaret Ann {Maiden name- HARRIS} IND0014-C01-C02-C02
HART, Peter IND0014-C01-C02-C02-S
HART, Sophie Elizabeth IND0014-C01-C02-C02-C01
HAYWOOD, Maria {Married name- Harris}1860prob1933 IND0028-C04-S
HEALY, Anne Laura {Married name- Johnson} IND0008-C02-C01-C01
HEALY, Edna Dorothy {Maiden name- IVINS} IND0008-C02-C01
HEALY, Joanne Lucy IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C05
HEALY, Karen Lynne IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C02
HEALY, Laurence Charles IND0008-C02-C01-C01
HEALY, Lorraine Joyce IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C01
HEALY, Noel IND0008-C02-C01-S
HEALY, Sandra Anne IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C03
HEALY, Suzanne IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C04
HEBDEN, Janet Rosemary1949vivo IND0006-C02-C01-S
HETHRIDGE/ATKINS, Mary {Maiden name- [Not known]}circa1785 IND0123
HOPKINS, Audrey Muriel {Maiden name- IVINS} IND0008-C02-C02
HOPKINS, Daniel IND0008-C02-C02-S
HOPKINS, Darrol IND0008-C02-C02-04
HOPKINS, Dawn {Married name- Palmer} IND0008-C02-C02-05
HOPKINS, Donald IND0008-C02-C02-02
HOPKINS, Mervyn IND0008-C02-C02-03
HOPKINS, Roy William IND0008-C02-C02-01
HOUGHTON, Ann {Married name- Harbach}circa17671838 IND0125
HOWLATT, Sarah {Married name- Stafford} IND0096-S1
HOWTON, Benjaminest1735 IND0250
HOWTON, Elizabeth {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1735 IND0251
HUGHES, Alice {Maiden name- HARRIS}18861961 IND0028-C04-C02
HUGHES, Harold IND0010-C02-C03-S
HUGHES, William James IND0028-C04-C02-S
IVINS, Annie {Maiden name- PHILLIPS}18921964 IND0008-C02
IVINS, Audrey Muriel {Married name- Hopkins} IND0008-C02-C02
IVINS, Edna Dorothy {Married name- Healy} IND0008-C02-C01
IVINS, Edward Owen18901957 IND0008-C02-S
IVINS, Margaret (Meg) IND0008-C02-C04
IVINS, Norman Edward IND0008-C02-C03
JAMES, Kristopher Mark1984vivo IND0002-C02-C01
JAMES, Patricia IND0008-C02-C02-01-S
JAMES, Paul1955vivo IND0002-C02-S
JAMES, Ricky Lee1987vivo IND0002-C02-C02
JAMES, Susan {Maiden name- PHILLIPS}1957vivo IND0002-C02
JARVIS, Jane {Married name- Walters}circa18021835 IND0035
JARVIS, Martha {Married name- Leveret}res1715 IND0215
JEZZARD, Audrey {Maiden name- GIBBONS} IND0014-C09-C01-C01
JEZZARD, Derek Frederick IND0014-C09-C01-C01-S
JEZZARD, Maria Alana IND0014-C09-C01-C01-C01
JEZZARD, Paul IND0014-C09-C01-C01-C02
JOHNSON, Anne Laura {Maiden name- HEALY} IND0008-C02-C01-C01
JOHNSON, Derek James IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C04
JOHNSON, Helen Marie IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C03
JOHNSON, Julie Ann IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C01
JOHNSON, Michael IND0008-C02-C01-C01-S
JOHNSON, Norma Jane IND0008-C02-C01-C01-C02
JONES, Mary {Married name- Boucher}est1790 IND0121
LANE, Edward IND0008-C02-C04-S
LANE, Melvyn IND0008-C02-C04-C01
LEAMAN, Brian1953vivo IND0006-C02-C02-S1
LEAMAN, Christopher James1980vivo IND0006-C02-C02-C01
LEAMAN, Jennifer19841984 IND0006-C02-C02-C02
LEAMAN, Ruth1985vivo IND0006-C02-C02-C03
LENT/WATERS, Mary {Maiden name- CHAMBERS}circa1804 IND0034-S2
LEVERET, Charlesres1715res1776 IND0214
LEVERET, Charles1743 IND0214-C02
LEVERET, Henry1753 IND0214-C07
LEVERET, Jane1739 IND0214-C01
LEVERET, Jarvice1753 IND0214-C08
LEVERET, John1747 IND0214-C04
LEVERET, Margaret1749 IND0214-C05
LEVERET, Martha {Maiden name- JARVIS}res1715 IND0215
LEVERET, Martha {Married name- Stringer}circa17451822 IND0107
LEVERET, Richard1750 IND0214-C06
LEVERET, Stephen1755 IND0214-C09
LORING, Joyce Mary IND0008-C02-C01-C01-S
MALINS, Gertrued Minnie {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C01-C01-S
MANNS, Anne {Married name- Butcher}est17121782 IND0481
MANTELL, Ernest IND0010-C02-S
MANTELL, Ernest (Sonny)before1911 IND0010-C02-C01
MANTELL, Ethelcirca1899 IND0010-C02-C03
MANTELL, Jack Lesliecirca1897 IND0010-C02-C02
MASSEY, Alexander Carnegie IND0008-C04-C01-S1
MASSEY, Diane June IND0008-C04-C01-C01
MASSEY, Heather Rose IND0008-C04-C01-C02
MATTEY, Ada Mary Ann {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C01-S
MEAKIN, Marjorie {Married name- Corbett} IND0012-C09-C02-S
MYTTON, Alexandercirca1876 IND0010-C01-S
MYTTON, Dorothy1910 IND0010-C01-C01
NADIN, Samantha {Married name- Shaw}vivo IND0002-C01-C02-S
NASH, Ann {Maiden name- BOUCHER}circa1848 IND0060-C04
NASH, William IND0060-C04-S
NOTIE, Maria {Married name- Harris/Wakeman}est1790 IND0059
OLIVER, Mary {Maiden name- [Not known]}est1760 IND0095
OLIVER, Sarah {Married name- Curtis}circa17881866 IND0047
OLIVER, Thomasest1760 IND0094
PALMER, David IND0008-C02-C02-05-S
PALMER, Dawn {Maiden name- HOPKINS} IND0008-C02-C02-05
PETERSON, Frank IND0030-C02-C02-S
PETERSON, Rose {Maiden name- BOUCHER} IND0030-C02-C02
PHILLIPS, Abigail Victoria1994vivo IND0001-C02
PHILLIPS, Alexander Michael1992vivo IND0001-C01
PHILLIPS, Annie {Married name- Ivins}18921964 IND0008-C02
PHILLIPS, David Keith1961vivo IND0001
PHILLIPS, Dorothy {Maiden name- COX}18901980 IND0005
PHILLIPS, Elizabethcirca1798 IND0033
PHILLIPS, Ernest Edward18951963 IND0004
PHILLIPS, Euan2018vivo IND0001-C01-C01
PHILLIPS, Frank (Mick)18991987 IND0008-C04
PHILLIPS, Frederick William1843 IND0016-C02
PHILLIPS, George1847 IND0016-C04
PHILLIPS, Hana2019vivo IND0001-C01-C02
PHILLIPS, Henry1849 IND0016-C05
PHILLIPS, Jane1846 IND0016-C03
PHILLIPS, Jane Louisa {Maiden name- STOKES}18641953 IND0009
PHILLIPS, Jane {Maiden name- WALTERS}1820res1877 IND0017
PHILLIPS, Jean {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0008-C04-C02-S
PHILLIPS, Johncirca18201890 IND0016
PHILLIPS, John George (Jack)circa18901916 IND0008-C01
PHILLIPS, John Thomas1841 IND0016-C01
PHILLIPS, Joy {Maiden name- STAFFORD}19292010 IND0003
PHILLIPS, Kyung Yeon (Kate) {Maiden name- HAM}1990vivo IND0001-C01-S
PHILLIPS, Leonard1862est1944 IND0008
PHILLIPS, Leonard Fred19241978 IND0002
PHILLIPS, Martin IND0008-C04-C02-C01
PHILLIPS, Michael Geoffrey1932 IND0008-C04-C02
PHILLIPS, Norma Dorothy {Married name- Slaytor}1924 IND0008-C04-C01
PHILLIPS, Rosemary {Married name- Shaw}1954vivo IND0002-C01
PHILLIPS, Rowan2021vivo IND0001-C01-C03
PHILLIPS, Ruby {Maiden name- COOMBS}19021986 IND0008-C04-S
PHILLIPS, Sara IND0008-C04-C02-C02
PHILLIPS, Sarah Vivien Mary {Maiden name- ELTON}1963vivo IND0001-S
PHILLIPS, Stephen IND0008-C04-C02-C03
PHILLIPS, Susan {Married name- James}1957vivo IND0002-C02
PHILLIPS, Thomascirca1861 IND0016-C07
PHILLIPS, Waltercirca1857 IND0016-C06
PITTS, Johncirca17361813 IND0105-S02
PLATT, Hannah {Married name- Harris} IND0028-C04-C03-S
PORTMAN, Susannah {Married name- Boucher}circa17561841 IND0241
POWELL, Ellen (Nell) {Married name- Harris / Brookes} IND0014-C07-S
RATCLIFFE, Ellen (Nell) Beatrice {Married name- Harris}circal 18901972 IND0014-C03-S
RING, Thomas2000vivo IND0002-C01-C01-C01
ROLLING, Ann Mary {Married name- Russell}circa18031872 IND0027
RUDD, Thomas {Married name- Harris} IND0028-C04-C01-S
RUSSELL, Amy1823 IND0052-C07
RUSSELL, Amy18211822 IND0052-C06
RUSSELL, Ann17711772 IND0104-C03
RUSSELL, Ann17761791 IND0104-C06
RUSSELL, Ann17751775 IND0104-C05
RUSSELL, Ann1804 IND0052-C01
RUSSELL, Ann Mary {Maiden name- ROLLING}circa18031872 IND0027
RUSSELL, Charlescirca1831 IND0026-C01
RUSSELL, Charles18091874 IND0026
RUSSELL, Deborah Ann Mary {Married name- Stafford}18401902 IND0013
RUSSELL, Elizabeth {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0052-C04-S
RUSSELL, Frances1769 IND0104-C02
RUSSELL, Henrycirca1842 IND0052-C04-C03
RUSSELL, John1837 IND0026-C04
RUSSELL, John1813 IND0052-C05
RUSSELL, Johncirca17401778 IND0104
RUSSELL, Lucycirca1840 IND0052-C04-C02
RUSSELL, Martha1806 IND0052-C02
RUSSELL, Mary {Maiden name- STRINGER}circa17751851-61 IND0053
RUSSELL, Overton Richard17731816 IND0104-C04
RUSSELL, Peter1811 IND0052-C04
RUSSELL, Petercirca1850 IND0052-C04-C04
RUSSELL, Rebecca17671768 IND0104-C01
RUSSELL, Richardcirca18341835 IND0026-C02
RUSSELL, Richardcirca1836 IND0026-C03
RUSSELL, Richard17781834 IND0052
RUSSELL, Richardcirca1836 IND0052-C04-C01
RUSSELL, William Earl1842 IND0026-C06
RUSSELL/PITTS, Amy {Maiden name- CHAMBERS}17421813 IND0105
SCANLON, Gabrielle {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C09-C02-C02-S
SHAW, Carl1980vivo IND0002-C01-C02
SHAW, Evie-Rose2018vivo IND0002-C01-C02-C02
SHAW, Ian1955vivo IND0002-C01-S
SHAW, Noah2014vivo IND0002-C01-C02-C01
SHAW, Patricia Millicent {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C07-C01-S
SHAW, Rosemary {Maiden name- PHILLIPS}1954vivo IND0002-C01
SHAW, Sally Anne1978vivo IND0002-C01-C01
SHAW, Samantha {Maiden name- NADIN}vivo IND0002-C01-C02-S
SKELCHER, Ellen IND0028-C04-C05-S
SLAYTOR, Albert (Bert) IND0008-C04-C01-S2
SLAYTOR, Norma Dorothy {Maiden name- PHILLIPS}1924 IND0008-C04-C01
SLAYTOR, Robert Stephen IND0008-C04-C01-C03
SLAYTOR, Terry Anne {Married name- Titherington} IND0008-C04-C01-C04
SNAITH, Sophie {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C06-S
STAFFORD, Annecirca1829 IND0024-C05
STAFFORD, Anne {Maiden name- FREESTONE}circa17961852 IND0025
STAFFORD, Barbara {Maiden name- DOYLE}19191991 IND0006-C02-S
STAFFORD, Christiana Elizabeth {Maiden name- HARRIS}18901980 IND0007
STAFFORD, Deborah Ann Mary {Maiden name- RUSSELL}18401902 IND0013
STAFFORD, Deborah {Married name- Corbett} IND0012-C09
STAFFORD, Dennis IND0012-C07-C01-C04
STAFFORD, Elizabethcirca1732 IND0192-C08
STAFFORD, Elizabeth {Maiden name- BOSWORTH} IND0384-S2
STAFFORD, Elsie IND0012-C08-C02
STAFFORD, Ethel IND0012-C07-C01-C03
STAFFORD, Ethel {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0012-C07-C01-S
STAFFORD, Francescirca1728 IND0192-C06
STAFFORD, Frances (Fanny)circa1833 IND0024-C06
STAFFORD, Franciscirca1752 IND0096-C02
STAFFORD, Franciscirca17901863 IND0024
STAFFORD, Franciscirca16931750 IND0192
STAFFORD, Franciscirca1730 IND0192-C07
STAFFORD, Francis (Fanny) {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0012-C07-S
STAFFORD, Francis Charlescirca1864 IND0012-C01
STAFFORD, Gwen IND0012-C07-C01-C01
STAFFORD, Gwendolene IND0012-C08-C01
STAFFORD, Hannahcirca1723 IND0192-C04
STAFFORD, Hannahcirca1689 IND0384-C01
STAFFORD, Hannah {Maiden name- [Not known]}est16631696-1704 IND0385
STAFFORD, Janecirca1821 IND0024-C03
STAFFORD, Jane {Maiden name- COOK}circa17651825 IND0049
STAFFORD, Johncirca1793 IND0048-C03
STAFFORD, Johncirca1755 IND0096-C04
STAFFORD, John IND0012-C07-C01-C07
STAFFORD, Johncirca1691 IND0384-C02
STAFFORD, Johncirca1734 IND0192-C09
STAFFORD, John Alfred18791960 IND0006
STAFFORD, John William19181978 IND0006-C01
STAFFORD, Josephcirca1817 IND0024-C01
STAFFORD, Josephcirca1761 IND0096-C07
STAFFORD, Joy {Married name- Phillips}19292010 IND0003
STAFFORD, Joyce IND0012-C07-C01-C02
STAFFORD, Judithcirca1754 IND0096-C03
STAFFORD, Laura Helen1978vivo IND0006-C02-C01-C01
STAFFORD, Lucy {Maiden name- COLLINS} IND0012-C08-S
STAFFORD, Margaret Alision {Married name- Hamer}1953vivo IND0006-C02-C02
STAFFORD, Marycirca1726 IND0192-C05
STAFFORD, Marycirca1757 IND0096-C05
STAFFORD, Marycirca1824 IND0024-C04
STAFFORD, Marycirca1716 IND0192-C01
STAFFORD, Mary Anncirca1870 IND0012-C06
STAFFORD, Mary {Maiden name- [Not known]}est16951758 IND0193
STAFFORD, Neil Robert1949vivo IND0006-C02-C01
STAFFORD, Ralph1919 IND0006-C02
STAFFORD, Rebeccacirca1839 IND0024-C09
STAFFORD, Russell IND0012-C07-C01-C05
STAFFORD, Russell18711950 IND0012-C07
STAFFORD, Russellcirca19041950 IND0012-C07-C01
STAFFORD, Samuelcirca1798 IND0048-C04
STAFFORD, Samuelcirca1819 IND0024-C02
STAFFORD, Sarah {Maiden name- HOWLATT} IND0096-S1
STAFFORD, Sylvia Jessie {Maiden name- WARD}19212001 IND0006-C01-S
STAFFORD, Thomas18341895 IND0012
STAFFORD, Thomascirca1696 IND0384-C04
STAFFORD, Thomas IND0012-C07-C01-C06
STAFFORD, Thomascirca1805 IND0048-C05
STAFFORD, Thomas IND0012-C08
STAFFORD, Thomascirca17211796 IND0096
STAFFORD, Thomascirca1750 IND0096-C01
STAFFORD, Timothy David1981vivo IND0006-C02-C01-C02
STAFFORD, Williamcirca1763 IND0096-C08
STAFFORD, Williamcirca1720 IND0192-C02
STAFFORD, Williamcirca1787 IND0048-C01
STAFFORD, Wilsoncirca1837 IND0024-C08
STAFFORD, Wilsoncirca17581835 IND0048
STAFFORD, Zachariahest16631723 IND0384
STAFFORD, Zachariahcirca1736 IND0192-C10
STANLEY, Elsie Beatrice {Maiden name- CLARKE} IND0030-C04-C03
STANLEY, Harry IND0030-C04-C03-S
STANLEY, Norman IND0030-C04-C03-C01
STAPLEY, Ann {Married name- Curtis}est 1760 IND0093
STEPHENS, Margaret Joyce {Married name- Emery} IND0012-C09-C01-C01
STEPHENS, Muriel {Maiden name- CORBETT} IND0012-C09-C01
STEPHENS, Noel IND0012-C09-C01-S
STOKES, Ann {Maiden name- WICKS}circa18171861-1871 IND0037
STOKES, Annecirca1848 IND0036-C05
STOKES, Annecirca1869 IND0018-C03
STOKES, Charlotecirca1860 IND0036-C08
STOKES, Elizabethcirca1844 IND0036-C04
STOKES, Emilycirca1852 IND0036-C06
STOKES, Emmacirca1872 IND0018-C04
STOKES, Esther {Maiden name- [Not known]}circa1852 IND0036-C07-S
STOKES, Georgecirca1874 IND0018-C05
STOKES, George1839est1888 IND0018
STOKES, Henrycirca1854 IND0036-C07
STOKES, Jane Louisa {Married name- Phillips}18641953 IND0009
STOKES, Jane {Maiden name- BOURNE}1841aft1911 IND0019
STOKES, Johncirca18161861-1871 IND0036
STOKES, John1841 IND0036-C03
STOKES, John Albert1863 IND0018-C01
STOKES, Maria1837 IND0036-C01
STOKES, Samuel Hcirca1877 IND0018-C06
STOKES, William Fcirca1882 IND0018-C07
STRINGER, Ann1773 IND0106-C03
STRINGER, Charlescirca17811860 IND0106-C07
STRINGER, Charlotte1770 IND0106-C01
STRINGER, Elizabeth {Maiden name- [Not known]}circa17901874 IND0106-C07-S
STRINGER, Henry17891790 IND0106-C09
STRINGER, Jane1776 IND0106-C04
STRINGER, Margaret17831783 IND0106-C08
STRINGER, Martha {Maiden name- LEVERET}circa17451822 IND0107
STRINGER, Mary {Married name- Russell}circa17751851-61 IND0053
STRINGER, Peter1778 IND0106-C05
STRINGER, Petercirca17361820 IND0106
STRINGER, Thomas1771 IND0106-C02
TAYLER, Mary {Married name- Weaver}est1770 IND0127
THAKSTONE, Christine {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C01-C03-C01-S
THOMAS, Ada Elizabeth {Married name- Harris}1988 IND0014-C05-S
TITHERINGTON, Terry Anne {Maiden name- SLAYTOR} IND0008-C04-C01-C04
TWISS, Andrew David IND0012-C09-C03-C01-C02
TWISS, Anthony Stafford IND0012-C09-C03-C02
TWISS, Douglas Holland IND0012-C09-C03-S
TWISS, Kathleen Mary {Maiden name- CORBETT} IND0012-C09-C03
TWISS, Margaret {Maiden name- [Not known]} IND0012-C09-C03-C01-S
TWISS, Philip David IND0012-C09-C03-C01
TWISS, Philip Jonathan1973 IND0012-C09-C03-C01-C01
TYRER, John IND0014-C01-C01-C01-S
TYRER, Valerie Barbara {Maiden name- HARRIS} IND0014-C01-C01-C01
VAUGHAN, Mary {Married name- Bourne}circa17831841-1851 IND0039
WAKEMAN, Robertest1790est1816 IND0059-S01
WALTERS, Barnabycirca1792 IND0068-C03
WALTERS, Elizacirca1826 IND0034-C04
WALTERS, Ellen1838 IND0034-C09
WALTERS, Emma18291834 IND0034-C06
WALTERS, George1830 IND0034-C07
WALTERS, James1825 IND0034-C03
WALTERS, Jamesest1765 IND0068
WALTERS, Jamescirca1793 IND0068-C04
WALTERS, Jamescirca17901792 IND0068-C02
WALTERS, Jane {Maiden name- JARVIS}circa18021835 IND0035
WALTERS, Jane {Married name- Phillips}1820res1877 IND0017
WALTERS, Lydia {Maiden name- [Not known]}est17651797 IND0069
WALTERS, Marycirca1788 IND0068-C01
WALTERS, Mary Ann1827 IND0034-C05
WALTERS, Mary Ann18221823 IND0034-C02
WALTERS, Thomascirca17961842-1851 IND0034
WALTERS, Thomas John1835 IND0034-C08
WARD, Sylvia Jessie {Married name- Stafford}19212001 IND0006-C01-S
WARNER, Ellen Frances (Nell) {Maiden name- BOUCHER}circa18741949 IND0030-C05
WARNER, Harry IND0030-C05-S
WEATHERHOGG, Joyce {Married name- Harris} IND0014-C01-C03-S
WEAVER, Charlottecirca1805 IND0126-C05
WEAVER, Elizabeth {Married name- Harbach}circa1813 IND0063
WEAVER, Georgecirca1797 IND0126-C02
WEAVER, Georgeest1770 IND0126
WEAVER, Janecirca1810 IND0126-C08
WEAVER, Johncirca1795 IND0126-C01
WEAVER, Marycirca1807 IND0126-C06
WEAVER, Mary {Maiden name- TAYLER}est1770 IND0127
WEAVER, Sarah1809 IND0126-C07
WEAVER, Thomascirca1802 IND0126-C04
WEAVER, Williamcirca1800 IND0126-C03
WESTWOOD, Ann Elizabeth {Maiden name- HARRIS}circa1862 IND0028-C05
WICKS, Ann {Married name- Stokes}circa18171861-1871 IND0037
WILDER, Gillian Mary {Maiden name- BISHOP}1948 IND0010-C01-C01-C01
WILDER, Jennie Mary1980 IND0010-C01-C01-C01-C01
WILDER, Michael David (Mick) IND0010-C01-C01-C01-S
WILLIS, Frederick IND0028-C04-C04-S
WILLIS, Nellie Hannah {Maiden name- HARRIS}1895 IND0028-C04-C04
[Not known], Ada IND0030-C04-C02-S2
[Not known], Dora IND0030-C04-C01-S
[Not known], Elizabeth {Married name- Freestone}est1758 IND0051
[Not known], Elizabeth {Married name- Howton}est1735 IND0251
[Not known], Elizabeth {Married name- Russell} IND0052-C04-S
[Not known], Elizabeth {Married name- Stringer}circa17901874 IND0106-C07-S
[Not known], Esther {Married name- Stokes}circa1852 IND0036-C07-S
[Not known], Ethel {Married name- Clarke} IND0030-C04-C04-S
[Not known], Ethel {Married name- Stafford} IND0012-C07-C01-S
[Not known], Francis (Fanny) {Married name- Stafford} IND0012-C07-S
[Not known], Hannah {Married name- Harbidge}est1730 IND0249
[Not known], Hannah {Married name- Stafford}est16631696-1704 IND0385
[Not known], Jane {Married name- Cook}est1730 IND0099
[Not known], Jean {Married name- Phillips} IND0008-C04-C02-S
[Not known], Judith17211796 IND0097
[Not known], Lydia {Married name- Walters}est17651797 IND0069
[Not known], Margaret {Married name- Twiss} IND0012-C09-C03-C01-S
[Not known], Mary {Married name- Cadby}est1774 IND0045
[Not known], Mary {Married name- Cox}est1767 IND0041
[Not known], Mary {Married name- Hethridge/Atkins}circa1785 IND0123
[Not known], Mary {Married name- Oliver}est1760 IND0095
[Not known], Mary {Married name- Stafford}est16951758 IND0193
[Not known], Sara {Married name- Corbett} IND0012-C09-C02-C01-S
[Not known], Sarah? {Married name- Brookes}est1783 IND0043
[Not known], Selina {Married name- Cox}circa1842 IND0020-C03-S
[Not known], Violet {Married name- Boucher} IND0030-C02-C01-S
[Not known], not known {Married name- Boucher} IND0030-C02-S
[Not known], unknown {Married name- Corbett} IND0012-C09-C02-C02-S