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War Diary 495th Field Company Royal Engineers 1916
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War Diary 495th Field Company Royal Engineers 1916

2 Jan 1916
SALHIA	drinking water supply, unloading stores, pipe laying

10 Jan			4 officers	89 NCOs and men
21 Jan			3 officers	127 NCOs and men

mostly water supplies all through the month

1 Feb			Secret orders to join Western Frontier Force at ALEXANDRIA
9 Feb			left SALHIA at 20.00 by Special train 
10 Feb	ALEXANDRIA Arrived GABBARI STATION at 06.00 marched men to QUAMARIA CAMP
21 Feb			Left ALEXANDRIA for MATRUH at 17.00
			5 officers	116 other ranks
22 Feb	MATRUH	Arrived 09.30
23 Feb			Orders to leave on column in 2 sections
27 Feb			Working on Well on DABBA ROAD
2 Mar	1916		Officer and 20 men left on HMS VERONICA
3 Mar	'on track'	Marched out of MATRUH at 08.30
			3 officers, 28 NCOs and sappers, 22 ? NCOs and men
		two double tool carts, GS wagons, 1 light spring wagon, 1 lumbered cooks cart +1 water cart.  Mules+Horses 44
			Marched 3 1/2 hrs 12 miles
4 Mar		12 miles to BIR ABDIA near Roman well
5 Mar		17 miles to 1 1/2 miles w. of UNJEILA
6 Mar		10 miles to ZAWIA SHAMAAS
7 Mar		13 miles to BIR-ABU-NAFLA or WADI MAKTI
8 Mar		16 1/2 m to SIDI BARRANI
joined up with those sent on 2nd to construct Pontoon.
(part company)
(wind, sand + rain storms)
11 Mar			to BAG BAG (close to enemy)
working on finding water holes etc.
12 Mar			to BIR-EL-AUGERIN
13 Mar			to ALIM TEJDID – 1 bottle of water each
14 Mar			to SOLLUM
		'Armoured cars chased Sanussi South of Sollom (sic) and captured machine guns etc.'
15 Mar			water boats arrived
			mail delivered
16 Mar			Union Jack hoisted at SOLLUM FORT
17 Mar			Started works carry road up cliff.
19 Mar			+ clearing space for aeroplane ground
			+ extension of pier
22 Mar			section arrived from MATRUH
1 Apr 1916 		Condenser plan, bricklaying
6 Apr			Sandbags, erecting huts
12 Apr			high wire fence around compound for POWs
17 Apr			Painting hospital, erecting huts
23 Apr			Church Parade

May		Describes various work over a wide area on water, huts etc.

8 May			Medical inspection r. Lice + Typhus
9 May			33 men had clothes + blankets fumigated
10 May		29 sappers and 18 drivers arrived from Alexandria
22 May		work : wiring at No 3 outpost, No 3 + 5 posts building
          No 4 post building, MG emplacements
          erecting new wire fence around isolated Prisoners camp
          constructing road, condenser plant and water supply
24 May		orders to move at short notice
30 May		35,000 gals of water in stock, enough to last Garrison for 15 days

13 Jun	1916		new line of trenches around GOC fighting post
			large recreation, hut, building and wiring No 5 post
			house shelters, dining huts, road markings, repairs
14 Jun			Company expecting orders to move daily
15 Jun			Company to move to ALEXANDRIA
16 Jun			No 4 section on BORULOS to ALEXANDRIA arrived 06.00 on 17.6.16
17 Jun			Remainder of Company + 37 animals embarked on SS "MISSIR"
20 Jun			Inoculation for Cholera
			Made up to full strength from 1/1st Coy
			6 officers  232 OR
		' whole company, horses, stores, men + wagons being loaded ready to start within an hour'

1 Jul 1916		Arrived KUBRI 07.30
			marched to new camp on east bank of the canal
			reported to GOC "C" Subsection
					162nd Brigade	54th Division  (Brig. Gen MUDGE)
			took over from Royal Monmouth RE (1/5 Siege Coy)
3 Jul 			Took over from Monmouth RE
			Defences + hutting at BRIDGE HEAD, KUBRI
			half no 4 section to RAILHEAD outpost
			half no 4 section to HALFWAY HOUSE outpost
				(both these are 7 miles from Kubri E. of canal)
			other men sent to other parts around area
				GURKHA POST (1m N)
			work on hutting + water 2-4 weeks
			Part of Coy.  still at WADI NATRUN

21 Jul 	KUBRI		Two enemy aeroplanes bombarded SUEZ doing considerable damage
5 Aug 1916		Withdrawn from GURKAH+ BALUCHISTAN 
			- replaced with Indian troops
7 Aug 			Enemy aeroplane flew over + bombed SUEZ
19 Aug			Sections to be taken of work 1 at a time for training.
			No 1 section reported from WADI KATRUN
				(had been there since they left MATRUH)
		Appears to have been opportunity for groups to go for Rest Camp in ALEXANDRIA

14 Sep 1916		1200 men to desert ops.  including 2 RE sappers
23 Sep 			Dinner given to Company in commemoration of the anniversary day of the Company leaving ENGLAND for SUVLA BAY  Sep 23rd 15