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Military records for Frank (Mick) PHILLIPS

Summary of military service
source:Extracted from other sources
Frank Phillips

1915-1918 Kings Royal Rifle Corps and Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Frank volunteered in August 1915.  The National Roll says he enlisted in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps but the records suggest it was the Royal Warwickshire.
His enlistment document is dated 3 August 1915.
He claimed to be 19 years 1 month of age but was only 15 or 16.
He gave his occupation as a Clerk His rank was Corporal.
He seems to have been posted to France in November and transferred to base unit in mid January.
A week later he was sent home because he was under age.

He later volunteered for the Royal Warkwickshire Regiment. Date and details not known.
He served in France and was involved in the Advance of 1918.
National Roll of the Great War Volume VI Birmingham
source:Transcribed from the printed copy
Phillips F

PHILLIPS F     Corporal, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
He volunteered in August 1915, and was quickly drafted to France, but after a few month’s service he was sent home, owing to his being under age. On attaining eighteen years he re-enlisted in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, with which Regiment he again proceeded to France.  He took part in the Advance of 1918, and was badly wounded in action in June and holds the 1914-15 Star, and the General Service and Victory Medals.
11, Goode Street, Hockley, Birmingham     6093B
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