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Martha (Leveret) JARVIS
not known or not enterednot known or not entered
Married:29 Jan 1738Swanton Novers, NorfolkCharles of Houghton in the Hole, Martha of this parish.
From register
Spouse: Charles LEVERET
Jane LEVERET1739
Charles LEVERET1743
Martha (Stringer) LEVERETcirca17451822
John LEVERET1747
Margaret LEVERET1749
Richard LEVERET1750
Henry LEVERET1753
Jarvice LEVERET1753
Stephen LEVERET1755
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Houghton St Giles

Bryants 1826 map
Bryants 1826 map
Identity of Martha (Leveret) Jarvis

The identity of Martha Leveret is reasonably certain.
Only one suitable baptism was found in FREEREG to Charles and Martha.
It is likely that these were here parents, but by no means certain.
Baptism of Martha Jarvis

Martha was married in 1738.  There are three possible baptisms:
1702		in Morston			to Samuel and Modesty Jarvis
21 Aug 1714	in Barney			to Henry and Jane Jarvis
Apr 1716	in Gunthorpe		to Richard and Martha Jarvis
All three places are near Wighton etc.

Her age when married would be 36, 24 and 22 respectively.
The latter two are more likely but beyond this there is insufficient information.
Searched for evidence of death in infancy of these three, but not found.