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Father: Henry HARBIDGEMother: Hannah (Harbidge)
Born:1763From age at death.

Baptised:18 Apr 1762Dodderhill, St AugustineOnly likely entry, parents Henry and Hannah
From register
Married:18 Apr 1791Dodderhill, St AugustineOf this parishBy banns
From register
Died:1847Only possible entry - 1847-Q1 vol18 p248 (name Harback)

Buried:2 Aug 1847Dodderhill, St AugustineWychboldAged 84
BMSGH transcript
Spouse: Ann (Harbach) HOUGHTON
Sarah HARBACHcirca1791
Ann HARBACHcirca1793
Elizabeth HARBACHcirca1795
Mary HARBACHcirca1797
Hannah HARBACHcirca1799
Susanna HARBACHcirca1801
Jane HARBACHcirca1803
Charlotte HARBACHcirca1806
Henry HARBACH18081874
John HARBACHcirca1810
1841John HarbachWichbold P B, Worcestershire79Blacksmith
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Identity of John Harbach

The identification of Henry Harbach (62) seems fairly certain.
The Census records show that he was born in Dodderhill about 1808-1810.
There are a few Henry Harbach's baptised in this period in Bromsgrove but only one in Dodderhill.  His name was initially recorded as Samuel but the error was corrected in the register to Henry.
Henry's parents are listed as John and Ann Harbach, resident in Wichbold (sic).
Suitable marriage for John Harbach and Ann Houghton found.
Suitable burial and death index entry for Ann found, her husband being John Harbach.
suitable baptism for John found in Dodderhil to Henry adn Hannah Harbidge.
Thus the identification of John seems reasonably certain.
Possible children

Possible children from Family Search.  Surname Harbach in Worcestershire from 1785 to 1815 with John and Ann as parents.

Sarah Harbage	  10 May 1791	   DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbage, Ann
Ann Harbach	      23 March 1793	   DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
Elizabeth Harbach 9 February 1795  Dodderhill, Stafford, England  John Harbach, Ann
Mary Harbach 	  4 January 1797   DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
Hannah Harbach    4 April 1799	   DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
Susanna Harbach	  1 March 1801	   DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
Mary Harback	  31 January 1802  Bromsgrove, Worcester, England John Harback, Ann
Jane Harbach	  25 February 1803 DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
Charlotte Harbach 31 March 1806	   DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
Henry Harbach	  16 October 1808  DODDERHILL,WORCESTER,ENGLAND	  John Harbach, Ann
John Harbach	  8 October 1810   Dodderhill, Worcester, England John Harbach, Ann
Homes and Occupations
1791Parish of DodderhillMarriage register
1791Hill EndBaptism of Sarah
1793Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Ann
1795Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Elizabeth
1797Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Mary
1799Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Hannah
1801Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Susanna
1803Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Jane
1806Wichbold, WorcestershireBaptism of Charlotte
1808Parish of DodderhillBaptism of Henry
1810Parish of DodderhillBaptism of John
1838Parish of DodderhillBlacksmithDeath of wife Ann
1841Wichbold, WorcestershireBlacksmith1841 Census
1847Wychbold, WorcestershireBurial register