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Exile and Return


Sermons are planned on parts of the main books in the series. Some of these, at least initially, will be audio on the St James Chorley church website.

In Jeremiah many chapters are not arranged in chronological order but the sermons below are.

In a sermon we are aiming to preach the word of God, giving sufficient background to understand the passage but then to draw out the spiritual lessons and apply them to people's lives. The congregation varies from week to wee with regulars, visitors, adults and sometimes children listening.

The talks on this website give much more detail about the background and go through events by time rather than by book, whislt also giving some attention to spiritual lessons.

The timeline chart gives the overall picture of the events and where the individuals (and books) fit.

The introductory talk explains the plan in more detail.

The "full list" will develop into a chronology of the events linking to the talks, sermons and other information.