Exile and Return - Apocrypha

Two further talks have been added to the series on the Exile and Return. There are a few books in what is known as the Old Testament Apocrypha which related to the time of the Exile. Therefore I have added a talk on the Apocrypha and now one on the the Book of Susanna which is probalby the first in time.

These books are not part of The Scriptures which are taught as reliable and authoritative by Jesus and the Apostles. But they may still give reliable accounts of events, or be grounded in real events, and therefore contribute to our understanding of The Exile.

The talk on the Apocrypha gives an introduction and brief overiew of the relevant books.

The Book of Susanna reveals to us the very different faith and morals of some of the people who had been taken into exile. Susanna particulalry is shown as a godly woman of faith, the young Daniel plays a key part directed by God, and two elders display the same ungodliness amongs the leaders of Judah that was the cause of God’s wrath resulting in the Exile and destruction of Jerusalem.

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