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St Martin's Church, Birmingham
County:WarwickshireGoogle maps
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Individuals associated with this location:
Jane (Phillips) WALTERS
Interior of St Martin's Birmigham

Royal Warwickshire WWI memorial at St Martin's Birmingham

Events at this location
Leonard Fred PHILLIPSBAP9 Apr 1924IND0002
Ernest Edward PHILLIPSBAP12 Aug 1995IND0004got reg
Ernest Edward PHILLIPSMAR26 Apr 1923IND0004got reg
Dorothy (Phillips) COXMAR26 Apr 1923IND0005got reg
Leonard PHILLIPSBAP1 Jun 1863IND0008got reg
John George (Jack) PHILLIPSBAP14 Jul 1890IND0008-C01got reg
Annie (Ivins) PHILLIPSBAP1 Feb 1892IND0008-C02got reg
Frank (Mick) PHILLIPSBAP19 Feb 1899IND0008-C04got reg
John PHILLIPSMAR25 Dec 1840IND0016got cert got reg
Jane (Phillips) WALTERSBAP29 Apr 1822IND0017got reg
Jane (Phillips) WALTERSMAR25 Dec 1840IND0017got cert got reg
John Thomas PHILLIPSBAP20 Jul 1841IND0016-C01got reg
Frederick William PHILLIPSBAP7 Nov 1843IND0016-C02got reg
Jane PHILLIPSBAP8 Jun 1846IND0016-C03got reg
George PHILLIPSBAP1 Oct 1847IND0016-C04got reg
Henry PHILLIPSBAP23 May 1849IND0016-C05got reg
Walter PHILLIPSBAP30 Nov 1857IND0016-C06got reg
name not found for IND0016-07BAP28 Apr 1862IND0016-07got reg
Thomas WALTERSBAP29 Sep 1800IND0034got reg
Jane (Walters) JARVISBUR3 Jan 1841IND0035got reg
Mary Ann WALTERSBAP29 Apr 1822IND0034-C02got reg
James WALTERSBAP18 May 1826IND0034-C03got reg
Mary Ann WALTERSBAP12 Nov 1827IND0034-C05got reg
Emma WALTERSBAP25 May 1829IND0034-C06got reg
Emma WALTERSBUR29 Sep 1834IND0034-C06
George WALTERSBAP17 Jan 1831IND0034-C07got reg
Thomas John WALTERSBAP22 Aug 1836IND0034-C08got reg
Ellen WALTERSBAP12 Feb 1838IND0034-C09got reg
Lydia (Walters) BUR4 Oct 1797IND0069got reg
Mary WALTERSBAP28 Jul 1788IND0068-C01got reg
James WALTERSBAP29 Sep 1790IND0068-C02got reg
James WALTERSBUR14 Aug 1792IND0068-C02got reg
Barnaby WALTERSBAP5 Jan 1792IND0068-C03got reg
James WALTERSBAP24 May 1793IND0068-C04got reg
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