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Rea Street, Birmingham
County:WarwickshireGoogle maps
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Individuals associated with this location:
Alfred COX
Samuel COX
Elizabeth (Cox) BROOKES

  Alfred's birth certificate (Jul 1844) says that he was born at 58 Rea Street but his mother's residence was 48 Rea Street. Although neither number is entirely clear.
  Using the Smithfield brochurch which contains a scalable PDF both houses were on the north side of Rea Street.  Number 48 was near Cheapside but on the Moseley Street side whilst 58 must have been pretty much on the corner with Moseley Street.

Events at this location
Alfred COXBIR16 Jul 1844IND0010got cert
Alfred COXBAP12 Aug 1844IND0010got reg
James WALTERSBAP18 May 1826IND0034-C03got reg
Familes at this location at a census
185148 Rea St, Birmingham, WarwickshireHead:Samuel Cox
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