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Spouse: Hannah (Harbidge)
John HARBACHcirca17631847
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Identity of Henry Harbidge

The identification of John Harbach (124) seems reaasonably certain.
Only one likely baptism has been found giving John's parents as Henry and Hannah Harbidge.
Thus the name Henry seems likely but corroboration is required.
Baptism of Henry Harbidge

A search on Ancestry revealed only one possible baptism.  If this is the correct person then he was baptised in 'Henley Chappel' Wootton Waven parish (which is in Warwickshire but on the border with Worcestershire. He was baptised on 8th Jan 1724, but this was before the change of calendar so it would be 1725 on present day reckoning. The place is  known as Henley in Arden.
The parents were John Harbage and Mary his wife.
There seem to be some burials for Harbages a few pages earlier in the register.
Register Entry.
Marriage of Henry Harbidge

A search of Ancestry revealed one possible marriage for Henry Harbach to a Hannah - that is Hannah Smith.
At St Mary Elmbridge, 20 July 1761.
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