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Father: Daniel BOUCHERMother: Mary (Boucher) JONES
Born:c1815Elmley Lovett, Worcestershire

Baptised:18 Jun 1815Elmley Lovett, St Michael and All AngelsParents Daniel and Mary BOUCHER alias BUTCHER. Daniel a labourer.
From register
Married:8 Apr 1840Hampton Lovett, WorcestershireElmley LovettBanns register says that they were married at Hampton Lovett because Elmley Lovett church was being repaired.From certificate

Died:c1889Kidderminster district1889-Q3 age 75, Kidderminister 6c 103

Spouse: Maria (Boucher) ATKINS
Daniel BOUCHER18411922
William BOUCHERcirca1842
Harriet (Carradine) BOUCHERcirca1845
Ann (Nash) BOUCHERcirca1848
Martha BOUCHERcirca1849
James BOUCHERcirca1851
Samuel BOUCHERcirca1853
Thomas BOUCHERcirca1857
George A BOUCHERcirca1860
Mary BOUCHERcirca1863
Susan BOUCHERcirca1867
1841Samuel BoucherElmley Lovett, WorcestershireHouse25Ag Lab
1851Samuel BoucherRushock, WorcestershireHouse35Agricultural Labourer
1861Samuel BoucherRushock, WorcestershireBye Lane46Agricultural Labourer
1871Samuel BoucherRushock, WorcestershireHouse56Farm Labourer
1881Samuel BoucherRushock, WorcestershireWell Lane64Farm Labourer
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St Michael's, Elmley Lovett
St Michael's, Elmley Lovett
St Michael's, Elmley Lovett
St Michael's, Elmley Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
St Mary and All Saints, Hampton Lovett
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Identity of Samuel Boucher

When Daniel Boucher (30) was married his father is given as Samuel Bouchera labourer. Daniel was living in New Town, Worcester.
Daniel and Samuel are together in the 1851 in Rushock.
Daniel's birthplace is consistently given as Elmley Lovett (near Rushock) and there is a birth/baptism at the right time to Samuel Boucher and Maria Boucher, formerly Watkins.
From the censues he isis consistently said to be born in Elmley Lovett in 
All the censuses give Samuel's birthplace as Elmley Lovett, around 1816.
When married his father is Daniel Boucher a labourer.
There is a suitable baptism for Samuel to Daniel and Mary Boucher alias Butcher.
Thus the identity of Samuel seems fairly certain.
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Other relatives of Samuel

In 1841 Daniel was aged approx 25 and living with
Sussanah Boucher aged 85, head of household
Sussanah Boucher aged 55
Mariah Boucher age 20 and
John Boucher aged 20.

In 1851 Samuel is living with 
Mary Hethridge age 66, a widow, his mother in law.
Mary must be the mother of Maria, but Hethridge need not be her maiden name.
Mary was born in Ombersley around 1785.
Also Susanna Boucher, an aunt aged 69, unmarried.
It is likely that Susanna is the same person as show as 55 in 1841, but not certain.
Susanna must be the sister of Samuel's father, born in Elmley Lovett around 1782.
Homes and Occupations
1840Elmley Lovett, WorcestershireLabourerMarriage certificateMarried at Hampton Lovett
1841Elmley Lovett, WorcestershireAgricultural Labourer1841 Census
1841Elmley Lovett, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of Daniel
1843Elmley Lovett, WorcestershireBaptism of William
1845Elmley Lovett, WorcestershireBaptism of Harriet
1849Ruscock, WorcestershireBaptism of Martha
1851Ruscock, WorcestershireAgricultural Labourer1851 Census
1851Ruscock, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of James
1854Ruscock, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of Samuel
1857Ruscock, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of Thomas
1860Ruscock, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of George
1861Bye Lane, Ruscock, WorcestershireAgricultural Labourer1861 Census
1861Ruscock, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of James
1862Ruscock, WorcestershireBaptism of Mary
1864Ruscock, WorcestershireLabourerBaptism of Susanna
1871Ruscock, WorcestershireFarm Labourer1871 Census
1881Well Lane, Ruscock, WorcestershireFarm Labourer1881 Census