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Born:not known

Married:21 Sep 1817Worcester, St MartinOf this parishNot certain this is them.
From register
Spouse: Maria (Harris/Wakeman) NOTIE
George Wakeman HARRIScirca1817
John HARRIScirca1819
Thomas HARRIScirca1821
Joshua HARRIScirca1824
Henry HARRIScirca1826
Christianna HARRIS1828res1921
Mary HARRIScirca1835
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Addresses and Occupations

Thomas was a Boatman when Christianna was married.
Identity of Thomas

Christianna Harris (29) was married in 1850 giving her father at Thomas Harris as a Boatman.
She was born in years to 24 Aug 1828 in Dodderhill, Droitwich.
Neither Christiana nor Thomas have been found in 1841 Census.
There is one likely looking baptism of Chrissy Harris at the right time and it gives her parents as Thomas and Maria Harris living "In Liberties" Droitwich and Thomas a labourer.

It seems fairly certain that they are her parents. However there is a Christiana Wakeman of a similar age, daughter of Robert Wakeman.

If Thoams and Maria are her parents then they had other children baptised around this time.
There is only one likely marriage between Thomas Harris and Maria Wakeman (21 Sep 1817), and Maria was a widow.
Wakeman would therefore appear to be the surname of her later husband.
Thomas and Maria are recorded as the parents of George Wakeman Harris baptised 7 Aug 1817, six weeks before they married.
It is possible that George was the son of her late husband.

The fact that Thomas Harris was the father of Christiana is fairly certain.
That her mother was Maria seems likely but some corroborating evidence would be useful.
The identity of Thomas and Maria, her first marriage and maiden name are all uncertain.
Homes and Occupations
1817Parish of St Martin WorcesterMarriage register
1817St Nicholas DroitwichWaterman
1819In Liberties, DroitwichWaterman
1821In Liberties, DroitwichWaterman
1824In Liberties, DroitwichWaterman
1826In Liberties, DroitwichWaterman
1829In Liberties, DroitwichLabourer
1835Star yard GreenLabourerNot certain this is Thomas