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Joshua COX
not known or not enterednot known or not entered
Born:not knownNot certain these are correct parents

Spouse: Mary (Cox)
John COXcirca1788
Josh COXcirca1792
Sheldon COXcirca1794
A child of COXcirca1799
Samuel COXcirca17991861-1871
William COXcirca1802
Hugh Sheldon COXcirca1804
Identity of Joshua Cox

It seems fairly certain that Samuel Cox (20) was born in Rowley Regis about 1799.
There is a suitable baptism in 1800 to Joshua and Mary Cox.
It is  possible that the second witness at Samuel's wedding was Joshua, though the signature is indistinct.
The other witness was definitely John Cox.

Therefore, it is likely that Joshua and Mary are Samuel's parents, though other corroborating evidence is lacking.
This couple seem to have had several children baptised at Rowley Regis.

There are various Joshua Cox baptisms around the country between 1750 and 1770. None found in Staffordshire.
There is one at St Philip, Birmingham in 1752 to Charles and Thomasin Cox.  This would make Joshua 36 when firs son born in Rowley.

Joseph Cox who married Rosaanna would seem to have been born in Rowley in about 1766.

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