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Father: John STOKESMother: Ann (Stokes) WICKS
Born:13 Feb 1839Birmingham14 Windmill StreetFrom certificate

Married:25 Mar 1862Edgbaston Parish ChurchEdgbastonGiven as full age, bachelor, Gun Polisher.From certificate
From register
Died:before 1891, possibly 1888See research notes below.

Spouse: Jane (Stokes) BOURNE
John Albert STOKES1863
Jane Louisa (Phillips) STOKES18641953
Anne STOKEScirca1869
Emma STOKEScirca1872
George STOKEScirca1874
Samuel H STOKEScirca1877
William F STOKEScirca1882
1841George StokesBirmingham, WarwickshireWindmill Street2
1851George StokesBirmingham, Warwickshire27 Russell Street12Scholar
1861George StokesBirmingham, WarwickshireCourt 3, 95 Bishopsgate Street22Gun Polisher
1871George StokesBirmingham, 14 Bishopsgate Street32Gun Polisher and Beerhouse Keeper
1881George StokesBirmingham, Warwickshire14 Bishopsgate Street42Gun Polisher
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What is a Gun Polisher?
Marriage of George Stokes and Jane Bourne

George and Jane are shown together in the 1871 census.
In 1861 Jane Brown was living with her mother Mary Brown at 3 Court, 95 Bishopsgate Street.
George Stokes is a visitor.  Mary was a widow.
The ages for Jane and George are consistent with later censuses.
Their first child, John, was born around 1863.

No suitable entries have been found on the IGI.
There is only suitable entry in the marriage index 1862 in Kings Norton registration district.

In 1862 Kings Norton had subdistricts of Balsall Heath, Edgbaston, Harborne, Kings Norton, Moseley, Selly Oak (Smethwick).
In the 1861 census Bishopsgate Street is in municipal ward of St Thomas and ecclesiastical parish of St Thomas.
However, Bishopsgate is not much more than half a mile from Edgbaston.
Identity of George Stokes

When Jane Louisa Stokes (9) was married her father is given as George Stokes, a polisher. Her residence is given as Birmingham.
Her birth seems certain.  Her father is given as George Stokes, gun polisher and the address of the mother is 2 Court, Stoke Street, Birmingham.
The family are together in the 1871 and 1881 censuses and George's occupations are consistent.
A definite marriage for George and Jane Bourne has not yet been identified.
The marriage certificate would be valuable corroboration of information.
The birth, early censuses and identity of his parents are based on finding the most likely entries.
Therefore the later identity of George is fairly certain, but the early identity less so.
Other children

From Baptism records it seems likely that this couple had other children.
They may have had a son called George baptised in 1862 who therefore must have died before 1874.
They may hav also had a son called Alfred baptised in 1867.
Baptism of George 1862
Baptism of Alfred 1867
George's death

Apparently Died before 1891
There are two possible entries in the death index:
1886-Q4 Birmingham age 45  (born c. 1841)
1888-Q3 Birmingham age 49  (born c. 1839)

The latter corresponds better to his age.
There is a possible burial for the former at Warstone Lane Cemetery in 1886.
1886 death index entry
1888 death index entry
1886 burial index
Homes and Occupations
1861Court 3, 95 Bishopsgate StreetGun Polisher1861 Census
1862EdgbastonGun PolisherMarriage certificate
1863Stoke Street, BirminghamGun PolisherBaptism of John
18642 Court, Stoke Street, BirminghamGun PolisherJane's birth certificate
1866Stoke Street, BIrminghamRegister inspected
1869Bishopsgate Street, BirminghamGun PolisherBaptism of Annie
187114 Bishopsgate Street, BirminghamGun Polisher and Beerhouse Keeper1871 Census
1872Bishopsgate Street, BirminghamGun PolisherBatism of Emma
1874Bishopsgate Street, BirminghamGun PolisherBaptism of George
1877Bishopsgate Street, BirminghamGun PolisherBaptism of Samuel
188114 Bishopsgate Street, BirminghamGun Polisher1881 Census
1888PolisherJane's marriage certificate