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Jane (Phillips) WALTERS
Father: Thomas WALTERSMother: Jane (Walters) JARVIS
Born:11 Aug 1820BirminghamIt appears that Jane’s parents were not married when she was born but they married in 1821 and only a fortnight after the birth of her sister, Mary Ann, both girls were baptised. Mary Ann died the following year.

Baptised:29 Apr 1822Birmingham, St MartinBradford StreetDate of birth given as 11 August 1820. Thomas a Caster. Surname given as Waters.
From register
Married:25 Dec 1840Birmingham, St MartinBradford StreetJane was evidently pregnant with their first child.From certificate
From register
Died:1877BirminghamAge 59. Birmingham Vol 6d 68

Buried:Possible burial for Jane Phillips - Warstone Lane cemetery, Birmingham - Reg No. 22926

Spouse: John PHILLIPS
John Thomas PHILLIPS1841
Frederick William PHILLIPS1843
George PHILLIPS1847
Henry PHILLIPS1849
Walter PHILLIPScirca1857
Thomas PHILLIPScirca1861
Leonard PHILLIPS1862est1944
1841Jane PhillipsBirmingham, WarwickshireCheapside20
1851Jane PhillipsBirmingham, Warwickshire339 Cheapside30
1861Jane PhillipsBirmingham, Warwickshire339 Cheapside40
1871Jane PhillipsBirmingham, Warwickshire329 Cheapside50
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Jane's birth and baptism
Identity of Jane Walters

When Leonard Phillips (8) was born his mother's name is given as "Jane Phillips formerly Walters".
The family are all together in 1871.
There is a suitable marriage for John and Jane on Christmas Day 1840 when Jane was already pregnant.
Jane's father is given as Thomas Walters a Caster and her address was Bradford Street.

There only seems to be one possible baptism for Jane Walters with father Thomas which would establish here mother as Jane.

There is a Thomas Walters a Brass Castor in the 1841 Census on Moseley Street, which is parallel to Bradford Street.
His wife is not mentioned but three other children are.
Baptisms have been found for all these three children to Thomas and Jane Walters.

Therefore the identity of Jane's parents as Thomas and Jane Walters seems reasonable.
Death of Jane Phillips

Although there is a Jane Phillips in the 1881 Census at Kings Norton this is a different person and she seems to have died later that year.

A search for the death of Jane Phillips revealed only one possible entry between 1871 and 1881:
	Q-1877-Sep-Vol6d-p68   Age 59 Birmingham, War
Her age at death would imply that she was born in 1818
but her age at each Census indicates that she was born in 1820/21.

There is a Jane Walters in the 1881 Census in Kings Norton.  It appears she was born in Worcestersrhire and not Warwickshire.

Jane should have been 56 in 1877 but would have been 60 in 1881.
However, Kings Norton is about 6 miles from where they lived at 339 Cheapside.

There is a burial for a Jane Phillips, 1877, at Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham.
The JQRT index for Warstone Lane Cemetery:
WL 1877 PHILLIPS Jane  22926 H 1461