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Deborah Ann Mary (Stafford) RUSSELL
Father: Charles RUSSELLMother: Ann Mary (Russell) ROLLING
Born:27 Jul 1840Aylsham, NorfolkFrom certificate

Married:4 Aug 1863Birmingham, St ThomasSt Thomas ParishFrom certificate
From register
Died:27 Aug 1902Birmingham46 Muntz StreetFrom certificate

Spouse: Thomas STAFFORD
Francis Charles STAFFORDcirca1864
Mary Ann STAFFORDcirca1870
Russell STAFFORD18711950
Deborah (Corbett) STAFFORD
John Alfred STAFFORD18791960
1841Deborah RussellAylsham, NorfolkHungate Street10 months
1851Deborah Ann M RusselAylsham, NorfolkHungate Street10Scholar
1861Deborah Ann Mary RussellBirmingham, Warwickshire3 York Place, Upper Marshall Street20Dress Maker
1871Deborah Ann StaffordAston, Warwickshire32 Muntz Street30Carpenter
1881Deborah A M StaffordBirmingham, Warwickshire146 Muntz Street40
1891Deborah StaffordBirmingham, Warwickshire46 Muntz Street50
1901Deborah A M StaffordBirmingham, Warwickshire26 Muntz Street60
Deborah Ann Mary Russell (Stafford)
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Deborah Ann Mary (Stafford) RUSSELL
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Thomas and Deborah Ann Mary Stafford
Deborah Ann Mary Russell (Stafford)

Hungate Street, Aylsham
Hungate Street, Aylsham
Hungate Street, Aylsham
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It is believed that they had ten children.
According to family tradition five of them died in childhood.
The Staffords of Ashley

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Business in Wright Street

Thomas had a builders business in Wright Street, Small Heath.
They had a house on Wright Street opposite the builders.
Their son Thomas inherited the family business.