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HMS Hospital Ship 'Lanfranc' Mediterranean Expeditionary Force War Diary
source:Public Records Office

SOUTHAMPTON 16 March 1917  Arrived and anchored off Netley at 5.30pm.  Proceeded alongside quay at 9.45am.  Commenced disembarking at 10am, finished at 11.35am.

SOUTHAMPTON 17 March 1917  Hove anchor at 5.45am and proceeded to COWES ROADS and anchored at 7am.

COWES ROAD 18 March 1917  Sailed for HAVRE at 8pm.

HAVRE 19 March 1917 Anchored at Havre at 3.30am.  Proceeded alongside quay at 8pm.

HAVRE 20 March 1917 Commenced embarking patients at 7am.  Finished at 9.15am.  Patients embarked - Officers Cot 18, Sit 7,  Other ranks Cot 251, Sit 126.  German Prisoner Cot 1.
Total on board 403.
Cast of and sailed for Southampton at 9.30am.  Anchored off Netley at 6.30pm.

SOUTHAMPTON 21 March 1917 Proceeded alongside quay at 7am.  Commenced disembarking at 10am.  Finished at 11.45am.

HAVRE 22 March 1917  Anchored off Havre at 6.30am.  Proceeded alongside quay at 6.45am

HAVRE 23 March 1917 Commenced embarking patients at 6pm.  Finished at 7.20pm.  Total patients embarked  Officers Cot 2, Sit 6, Other tanks Cot 268, Sit 128, Grand total 404.  Cast off and sailed for Southampton at 7.30pm.

SOUTHAMPTON 24 March 1917 Anchored off Netley at 4am.  Proceeded alongside quay at 8am commenced disembarking at 10am.  Finished at 11.45am.  Sailed for Havre at 11pm.

HAVRE 25 March 1917  Arrived and anchored at Havre at 7am.

HAVRE 26 March 1917  Lying in outer harbour awaiting orders.

HAVRE 27 March 1917  ditto

HAVRE 28 March 1918  ditto

HAVRE 29 March 1918  Proceeded alongside quay at 10.45am.  Commenced embarking at 12noon.  Finished at 2pm.  Recommenced embarking at 4.45pm finished at 5.45pm.
Patients embarked Officers Cot 1, Sit 3, Other Ranks Cot 358, Sit 84, German Prisoners - Officers Cot 1 Other Ranks Cot 251, Sit 48.  Total on board 420.
Sailed for Southampton at 10.30pm.

SOUTHAMPTON 30 March 1917 Arrived Southampton at 7.20am and made fast alongside quay at 8.25am.  Commnced.

SOUTHAMPTON 31 March 1917  Awaiting orders.

Signed J C Furness    Major R A M C
OC Troops  HM Hosp  Ship 'Lanfranc'