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Military records for John George (Jack) PHILLIPS

Summary of military service
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John (Jack) George Phillips

1914-1916 Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Jack enlised in the RWR in 1914.
As part of the 1/5th Battalion they arrived in France in March 1915.
His regimental number was 2503 and having been a Private he became a Corporal.
In July 1915 the Battalion travelled to the north side of the Somme valley and was involved in the Somme offensive.
Jack appears to have been wounded in the trenches at Hebuterne on 2nd or 3rd October 1916.  He was taken to the Advanced Dressing Station manned by 1/2nd Field Ambulance and probably evacuated to their main base where he died on the 5th or 6th of October.  His remains were buried in the Couin military cemetery.
National Roll of the Great War Volume VI Birmingham
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Phillips J G

PHILLIPS J G     Corporal, 1/5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Volunteering in September 1914, after a period of training he was drafted to France.  There he did good work in several important engagements, but was unfortunately killed on October 6th, 1916, by a bomb thrown from the German trenches.  He was entitled to the 1914-15 Star, and the General Service and Victory Medal.
11, Goode Street, Hockley, Birmingham     6093C
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